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Obscure Sound: Best of March 2012

Here’s another massive compilation, featuring 21 tracks that made March one of the best months for new artists I’ve seen this year. There’s a bunch of great stuff here from a wide array of bands, featuring uns...

MP3: Rocket Juice and the Moon – “Hey Shooter” [ft. Erykah Badu]

An excellent funk-tinged track from Rocket Juice and the Moon, the supergroup consisting of Damon Albarn, Flea, and Tony Allen. This is the first track revealed off their upcoming debut.


Rocket Juice and the Moon Announce Debut Album

The supergroup comprising Blur/Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn, Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea, and Fela Kuti drummer Tony Allen revealed that their self-titled debut album will be out March 12th via Honest Jon’s, a la...

Albarn: Blur Recording New Songs

In somewhat of a flurry of Blur news this past week, frontman Damon Albarn clarified two things: Blur have been meeting “regularly” and plan to play live next year, and Albarn’s newest opera Doctor Dee will be...


Paul Weller Wakes Up the Nation

Following up a feature on Damon Albarn implies a drop in quality and prestige, especially considering how few artists are able to stay relevant for over twenty years. Even if they cannot be deemed “obscure”, many fi...

Gorillaz – Plastic Beach (2010)

With cameos ranging from Lou Reed to Snoop Dogg, Gorillaz's Damon Albarn continues to tout unbelievable consistency and stylistic prowess on his most selfless release yet. It is also one of the most stunning of his storied career.


Let’s Wrestle the Past

Calling a song “I Wish I Was in Hüsker Dü” seems pretty customary for a high school band. Maybe not today, but we can be sure that high school in the mid-‘80s consisted of many kids that would give up their newest c...

Best Albums of 2008: #40 to #31

by Mike Mineo ——————————————————————————————...


Faded Paper Figures

Side projects are an aspect of music that has gradually allowed artists to explore different scenarios, both in a stylistic and collaborative vein, without as much habituated pressure for decades. Considering that many successf...

Gary Reynolds and the Brides of Obscurity

I admit, I have not heard many successful bands with an unabbreviated name as long as this five-piece from Seattle. In fact, I was surprised to find that they fit their name on their album cover. Boasting a whole 12 syllables, ...