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Assembly Now


I checked out Assembly Now on the recommendation of Art Brut’s publisher. Though their style is not similar to the rhyming fiends of Art Brut, it’s easy to see that Assembly Now has what it takes to join the ranks of Bloc Party and The Futureheads in the international “art-rock” phenomenon. Bands such as Bloc Party and Franz Ferdinand are arguably on their way to becoming staples of the current rock scene this decade, much like Blur and Oasis did in the 90s. Assembly Now, judging on the few initial songs I’ve heard, certainly has the potential to be involved in the mix. The four friends from London have a definite British sound, generating a guitar-led mixture of brash lyrics and catchy melodies. Vocalist Gavin has the appropriate degree of free-spiritedness to inject a form of life into the typical and currently popular sound of art-rock.

Their critically acclaimed single, ‘It’s Magnetic’, has been popular on XFM, BBC, and Radio 1, recieving glowing reviews from the likes of Radio One’s Steve Lamacq and BBC’s Phill Jupitus. The single also included the catchy ‘Out On 24s’, which is a nice display Gavin’s vocal longitivity. Though both of those tracks are enjoyable, my favorite song from boys is ‘Leigh On Sea’. The song is led by a boastful rhythm section and a frantic guitar, with a twinkle of a keyboard halting the song for only a brief moment, resulting in an innovative and successful effect. All three songs are off their Apollo Control Demos, which was not even intended for release but still recieved a good amount of airplay.


Assembly Now – Leigh On Sea



Assembly Now – It’s Magnetic



Assembly Now – Out On 24s



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