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Tired Pony are certainly a supergroup, even if its members are somewhat unforeseen. I never expected Snow Patrol’s singer, R.E.M.’s guitarist, and Belle & Sebastian’s drummer to even collaborate on a song. Even if they got along well, meshing R.E.M.’s primitive alt-rock with Snow Patrol’s fluttering radio-friendly pop does not sound like a guaranteed success. Longtime fans of Snow Patrol may disagree though. Those familiar with “Chasing Cars”, Run”, and nothing else likely underestimate the songwriting talents of frontman Gary Lightbody, who has proven throughout the group’s half-dozen albums that he is an expert of mood-based anthems. His sonorously deep voice glides seamlessly with the approach, and the band’s worldwide success is hardly surprising as a result. However, with such tactful vocal performances, polished production, and glistening instrumentation, it can be difficult to regard Lightbody’s talents as a songwriter. Snow Patrol’s anthemic style of indie-rock can understandably take full stage on most of their tracks, but on Tired Pony’s debut album The Place We Ran From he presents a style barren enough – at least compared to Snow Patrol’s majestic tendencies – to expose his songwriting fully and appropriately.

Lightbody formed Tired Pony out of his enduring love for country music. Odd, I know, but the material on The Place We Ran From is not exactly what you would see on CMT. The music is spacious yet pulsating with emotion, as a song like “Get on the Road” could tell you. Lightbody’s duet with an effective Zooey Deschanel expands from chugging relaxer of acoustic strums, keys, and an accordion-like lull into a raucous anthem supplanted by Belle & Sebastian drummer Richard Colburn. If you doubt whether Lightbody can produce a song with genuine emotion, snarling guitar chords, and raucous percussion, then listen to this. Even for Snow Patrol fans, songs like this and “Northwestern Skies” – which utilizes that same acoustic/keys/accordion feel – shows a new side of Lightbody that sounds more sentimental, reserved, and retrospective.

Along with Lightbody, Colburn, and longtime Snow Patrol collaborator Iain Archer are a few familiar names. Scott McCaughey is best known for fronting The Minus 5, which also features R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck. The Place We Ran From’s producer, Jacknife Lee, also has ties with R.E.M. and Snow Patrol , producing R.E.M.’s excellent return-to-form 2008 release Accelerate and Snow Patrol’s breakout album Final Straw in 2003. The presence of McCaughey and Lee likely made it easy for Buck to join Tired Pony, as working with new musicians is that much easier when you have familiar co-hordes there. Their presence within Lightbody’s arena-ready style of indie-rock is felt, even if Lightbody’s company is the most prevalent. The wide array of stars on The Place We Ran From makes for a surprisingly cohesive listening experience, which is a rare feat for supposed supergroups. The frontman for Tired Pony is evident, but the way Lightbody utilizes his talented cast on gems like “Dead American Writers” – which features Buck’s trademark jangle better than anything else – and “Point Me at Lost Islands” makes their star-studded status warranted.

To celebrate this impressive debut, MOG Music Network has teamed up with Obscure Sound to offer up an autographed guitar from Tired Pony. Winners will receive a Classic Series ’72 Telecaster® Deluxe, a beauty you can take a peek at here.

To enter, simply enter a comment below answering the following question: If you could assemble any supergroup, who would comprise it and why? Winners will be selected and move into the second and final pool, where MOG Music Network will choose the best answer. Submissions will close Tuesday at midnight. Best of luck!


Tired Pony – Dead American Writers

Tired Pony – Point Me at Lost Islands

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side note: the actor in the above video is Joseph Gilgun, one of many outstanding actors in This Is England; it is an amazing film everyone should check out, along with its subsequent TV series This Is England ’86.

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  1. Mitch Mitchell of the Jimi Hendrix Experience on drums because of his fluid jazz style incorporated in rock, Page McConnell of Phish on the keys because he is simply amazing, David Gilmour of Pink Floyd on guitar for his songwriting/lead guitar work and me on the bass 🙂 This would be the greatest supergroup because everyone is versatile and would be able to express a wide range of style.

  2. I would utilize Tom Smith from Editors because his vocals are nothing short of impressive. On guitar, I would have Keith Urban because to me, he’s someone who is really adaptable and his sound is unique compared to many other country artists today. Drums would be Brian Lane from Brand New. Since their earliest album, I’ve thought that Brian has been an immense talent.

  3. If you could somehow collaborate John Mayer and Issac Slade from the fray, you could toss in whoever the hell else you felt like and it would still sound glorious; thee ultimate ‘Supergroup’. If youre looking for more than a duet you could always get hold of Ray Charles or maybe Hank Marvin could come in handy. SCREW IT, all of them! im feeling adventurous. These guys could make hitting Bambi with a hammer sound deliciously heavenly. Oh and i bet they all smell pretty nice too, ’nuff said.

  4. Male vocal: James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem; because 1) he can belt it and turns a wicked phrase, 2) he owns an awesomely gigantic disco ball, and 3) It’s my Super Group and I want to have a beer with him after their first (and last?) gig.

    Lead Guitar: J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr.; because 1) he can totally shred like no one else; 2) he has hair made for a Super Group; and 3) I want to have a beer him and tell him he made the nineties so much more tolerable than they otherwise would have been.

    Female vocal: Neko Case; because; 1) really? You even need to ask?; 2) she’s already in a long-running Super Group. She knows how these things work; and 3) She’s hilarious, gorgeous, her voice is to die for and I totally want to have a beer with her.

    Bass: Bootsy Collins; because 1) he is Bootsy freakin’ Collins; 2) he has tasted the maggots in the mind of the universe, and he was not offended; 3) again with the beer thing.

    Drums: Daniel Snaith of Caribou; because 1) Murphy and Mascis can play drums too, and this guy knows how to arrange a massive drum battle worthy of a Super Group; 2) he’s a mathematician! That’s just so cool!; and 3) I’ll give you one guess…

  5. I shall name this super group Bang Buggy


    Maynard James Keenan. Adaptable to almost every style of music from Opera to punk to metal to god knows what else you can mix up in there.


    Trent Reznor. Sure he can throw his voice in there here and there but mostly I want his Quake style electro death machines. They sound wicked.

    Jimmy Page. I’m not a massive Jimmy Page fan but his dirty dirty sounds would fit in quite nicely. None of that Going to California stuff. Dazed and Confused Cello bow anyone?

    Zach Velmer (of Sound Tribe). Seriously if he wasn’t the drummer Sound tribe wouldn’t be anywhere close to as popular. The guy is a beat machine (but not really a machine he plays drums.) Could be an outstanding mix in a band that features melodic industrial.

    John Medeski. Can’t stand MMW but man I think that style might jell with such a dark and strange concept.

    Make it happen people

  6. ?uestlove on drums.
    Tal Wilkinfeld on bass.
    Robert Randolph on steel guitar.
    Luther Dickenson on electric guitar and vocals.
    St Vincent (Annie Erin Clark) on vocals and electric guitar.

  7. I play the guitar and listern to alot of different types of bands from Rock to Indie ,
    If i was going to have a super band i would have lead singer Gary Lightbody because i am a really big Snow patrol fan and i love his lyrics and how he tells a story with them .He is a good stage performer and gets the crowd going.He gets every one involved and he has a really good voice.I think he will work very well with any person in a band just like he has with R.E.M.
    For the drums i would have Leaky from General fiasco .Not may people have heard this band but they are really good and the drummer for his age is amazing .I think he’s style would go very well with Gary lightbody singing.
    Paul Wilson from snow patrol who plays Bass guitar would be amazing too.Gary knows him so the band will work better together knowing that you know some one in the group. He plays from the heart and puts so much effort.
    Thin Lizz would bring knowledge into the band and with his history playing guitar.
    He plays brillant and would make this band more brillant .!!!
    Thanks you for reading .xxx

  8. Bah ! I think I would recompose Queen because why try to assemble an hypotetic group whereas it was so great. And the second reason is to see how Queen have evolved at our time

  9. John Petrucci lead guitar, John Bonham drummer, Jaco Pastorius bass, the Wilson Sisters from Heart. They would be absolute top energy live!!

  10. Ultimate Super group combo:

    DRUMS – Jimmy Tamborello (The Postal Service) to whip up some interesting pulsing electronic backing beats
    FX – The Edge (U2) his job would be to create ambiances & pads by twisting & playing w/ FX pedals
    RHYTHM GUITAR – Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine) for his inventive rhythm riffs
    LEAD GUITAR – Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) no explanation necessary!
    VOCALS – Inara Maryland George (Bird and The Bee) for her modern sheer female vocal bliss

    ahhhhhh what else…

    BASS – I guess… that crazy guy on YouTube from Korea that wears girls stalkings. you know which one i’m talking about! he is “insanely” good…plus, bonus points for the added entertainment value

  11. My supergroup would comprise of..

    Gary Lightbody as frontman on lead vocals and rhythm guitar. Why? Because he’s passionate about writings songs, and creating music. He’s been associated with many side projects along with Snow Patrol, and this band would give him another genre of music to delve in to. Overall, he would provide powerful and meaningful lyrics to the band’s songs, and deliver them with amazing vocals.

    Noel Gallagher on rhythm guitar and backing vocals. Why? Because having left Oasis, he would contribute strong lyrics and provide another guitar to add depth to the band. He’d offer guitar rhythms somewhat similar to Oasis, but at the same time hinting at a desire to break off from that style. Being in this band would give him an opportunity to expand his musical talents, while at the same time displaying his well known guitar and lyrical skills. He would also feature as lead vocalist on some songs, where he will have a chance to show off his vocal talent as well. It also would be a nice transition from Oasis to solo work.

    Jonny Greenwood on lead guitar. Why? Because he would bring more than just his signature electric guitar playing to the band. He would also bring his talents with keyboard and percussion instruments, and provide a very different perspective on music making with his experience in computer-generated sounds and sampling.

    “Country” Winston Marshall on banjo and backing vocals. Why? Because he adds a sort of upbeat sound with his banjo that makes you want to jump around, and I would be interested in seeing how he would integrate the banjo with electric guitars.

    Guy Berryman on bass and backing vocals. Why? Because he adds basslines that are not completely generic, but at the same time, do not stick out and detract from the vocals and the melody. As a key member of Coldplay, and his experiemental side-project Apparatjik, he’s a very diverse musician and would offer a lot to the band.

    Boris Williams on drums. Why? Because he would provide interesting and creative drum beats that helped The Cure develop their signature sound. He would complete the listening experience of the band’s music. And, with his extensive experience in the music industry, he’d also provide stability to the band.

  12. If I could make a super group it would start with Aaron Marsh the singer and songwriter for the band Copeland. His catchy, suspenseful melodies are incomparable. I would add the drummer of Mute Math, Darren King. The first show I went to, he left me speechless. Flawless but crazy at the same time. Adding to the rhythm, Jeremy David of Paramore would play bass. He adds just enough to make his parts interesting but not over complex. To finish it off. I see no alternative but Brian May on guitar. Need a keyboardist? We’ll throw Mindy White up there. She just started a new band called States. Good keyboardist, great voice, and pretty…mmmm what a great band it would be!

  13. Vocals: Freddie Mercury
    I’ve never heard a voice like this from a male vocal, and I love it. I only wish I could have gone to a Queen concert.
    Bass: Flea
    No. Explanation. Needed. Totally one of my favourite bass players, and an idol.
    Guitar: Kurt Cobain
    The simple yet memorable riffs he played were amazing.
    Keyboard/SFX and backing vocals: James Righton
    I love the way the keyboard and backing vocals work together in the Klaxons’ songs. So refreshing and different.

  14. Lead Guitar – Pat Metheny, there is none better
    Rhythm Guitar – Paul Simon. master of many rhythms
    Bass – Paul McCartney – master of all music
    Drums – Steve Gadd, is in every supergroup at some point
    Keyboards – Lyle Mays, can do it all
    Vocals – David Crosby, sings like an angel
    Vocals – Stevie Nicks, sings like the devil

    The 2 Pauls could write the songs and sing backup.
    The group could givve away their albums for free — none of them needs the $$$.

  15. I’d take Aaron Lewis from STAIND for vocals, the bass player from KORN, Randy Castillio from Ozzy(is Randy still alive? Heard he died of cancer) and me on guitar, because I’m the best that ever was.

  16. Jimi Hendrix, Jaco Pastorius, Buddy Rich, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker Thelonius Monk

    All brilliant players and innovators, ahead of their time, yet timeless…

  17. Guitar: Joe Bonamassa, just pure blues rock genius, nobody can touch him right now!
    Vox: Tom Petty, do I need to explain? He’s just the best songwriter there is.
    Bass: Flea, so talented, incredibly verisitile (sp?)
    Drums: Mitch Mitchell or Ginger Baker. Very very legendary drummers, did incredible things for music

  18. nick mason from the pink floyd on the skins, because of his groove and melodic style, rick wakeman for his excessive yet prodigious abilities, frank zappa on the guitar cuz frank was god, g. smith on the rythym guitar cuz that cat can play anything, roger glover on bass cuz nobody drives a band like him and paul rogers on the vocals cuz that guy can sing anything and make it sound good!!

  19. Here it goes…

    Guitars – Danny Gatton (he made the Tele just outright sing), Steve Cropper (his simplicity and soul are amazingly effortless) and Alex Lifeson (he would make a $30 guitar sound impressive).

    Bass – Tony Levin (his bass work can be complicated and simple yet impeccable).

    Piano – Thelonius Monk (his free form improvisation is just downright ridiculous).

    Organ – Billy Preston (you can never discount the 5th Beatle and he’s a singer to boot).

    Drums – Buddy Rich and Bill Bruford (it seems like they would compliment each other without stepping all over each other).

    Vocals – Gwen Stefani (powerful, energetic and her tonality is spot on) and Freddie King (the man embodies the blues).

    Backing Instrumentation – Mucha Lucha (how else does one complete this super group?).

    This would be an amazing and diverse band!

  20. Jeff Beck on Guitar, simply because nobody plays like Jeff Beck.
    Jim Keltner on Drums, simply because he brings the thunder.
    Bass is tough; although there are many great “lead” bassists, I feel the best bass player for a band is one who can stay in the pocket and hold down the beat, providing a bassline bed for the guitar and vocals. Of course having a bit of flash when given a solo space doesn’t hurt, so bass position goes to Tal Wilkenfeld.
    This band would have 2 vocalists; Warren Haynes, who can really belt out the bluesy rock (doesn’t hurt that he is a great guitarist as well)and an unusual choice for a band singer, Christina Aguilera. She has the pipes, and it would be great to hear her try something more earthy and bluesy.

  21. Jimmy Chamberlin on drums
    Les Claypool on bass
    Tom Morello on guitar
    Maynard Keenan on vocals.

    Four extremely unique musicians. I have NO idea what would come of this band but it would be super exciting. 🙂

  22. My ideal supergroup would be Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on vocals, Eva Gardner of the Mars Volta and Pink on Bass, Jimmy Paige on guitar, and David Elitch of the Mars Volta on drums. I think they would meld really well as musicians and song writers.

  23. First off Alex Van Halen would be my choice for drummer. He is over shadowed by his brother but he is fantastic. Bass would Phill Lynott who can say they dont like Thin Lizzy. Guitarist would be the ,In my estimation , Showman among showman Rick Nielson. The best voice and singer there has ever been would be Jim Morrison The Lizard King he can do anything.Billy Gibbons also on guitar best little guitarist from Texas.That would be my ultimate lineup!Thanks and I hope I win!

  24. Eric Woolfson on vocals, Alan Parsons on keyboards/arrangement, Mark Knopfler on guitars, and Don Henley on vocals and drums. That’d be my ideal supergroup playing progressive and pyschedelic rock !

  25. Vocals and Lyrics – John Lennon
    Guitar – Jimi Hendrix
    Drums – Buddy Rich
    Bass – Billy Sheehan (honourary living member – someone has to sign the autographs)

  26. Guitar: Steve Howe from Yes
    Guitar: Jimi Page – Led Zep
    Drums: Neil Pert from Rush
    Bass: Paul McCartney
    Vocals: Chris Cornell – Soundgarten
    Why? Because I feel that each of these is the best (living) in their field, and the world needs some new sophisticated Progressive Rock.

  27. Billy Cobham – Drums
    Larry Graham – Bass
    Billy Preston – Keys
    Jimi Hendrix – Guitar
    Prince – Vocals, Guitar

    I chose this lineup because of the sheer musicianship of all included, their shared collaborative natures, the musical promise such a group would represent, and the ability of all to transcend genres and provide a live experience for the ages.

  28. Oh, my. I’d have to choose:

    Lead Guitar: Jeff Beck. His mastery of the Strat as well as the Les Paul, and his organic, vocal-like guitar stylings put him head and shoulders above all other rock guitarists.

    Rhythm Guitar: Pete Townshend. He may be known as lead guitarist of The Who, but his amazing, inventive chordal work (think of Pinball Wizard as an example) gives him the ability to provide an amazing structure to any song.

    Bass: Paul McCartney. Sir Paul’s melodic bass guitar still kills me, even after half a century.

    Keyboards: “Rabbit” Bundrick. Rabbit’s tasty keyboard work with bands such as Crawler and The Who make him a natural selection.

    Drums: Neil Peart. Few rock drummers have truly earned the title of percussionist. Neil is one of them. Few other drummers could hope to keep up with the pantheon of rock listed in this band roster.

  29. Since I suppose that it would be against the rules to re-form Led Zeppelin circa ’72, I would have to choose:

    Chris Letchford – Guitar
    Dan Briggs – Bass
    Tosin Abasi – Guitar
    Neil Peart – Percussion
    Blake Richardson – Drums
    Hans Jürgen Kürsch – Vocals
    Sara Watkins – Violin/Vocals
    Matt Bellamy – Piano/Vocals

  30. Hi!
    I would choose
    vocals: Edward Droste (grizzly bear), Kazu Makino (blonde redhead)
    keyboards: Edward ka-spel (legendary pink dots)
    Guitar: Yamandu costa ( brazilian guitar player)
    Vocals, electro-acoustic guitar that ocassionaly becomes a jackhammer, keyboards, hammond, piano, percussions, theremin, radiowaves, drums, violin, and production: Michel Leroy (Un festín Sagital)
    Drums: Adrienne Davies (Earth)
    edward ka-spel, edward droste y Michel Leroy puts you into a fantastic realm, sometimes exciting and some times drench in sadness, they drive me away from reality, of course their other band members are amazing too.
    Yamandu costa is plain awesome. delightfull, calming. He shows how beautiful can a guitar sound.
    Kazu makino has an amazing voice.

    Be happy =)

  31. The best super group would definitely be

    Animal from the Muppets on Drums

    Stevie Wonder on tambourine

    Thor (son of Oden) on Hammer

    Ralph Maccio on guitar (he’s better than the devil, look that up)

    Gregor Samsa on Bass/being a monstrous vermin

    and Ringo Starrz on lead vox cuz he’s got the experience, he just needs a chance to shine.

    The name of the group will be “The Beatles 2” and Rolling Stone will put them on the cover as the next Beatles.

    No other combination is as super.

  32. Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge) on drums, Eddie Van Halen on lead, Tony Hicks (Hollies) on Rhythm and backup vocals, Tom Petersson (Cheap Trick) on bass, and Flo and Eddie (Turtles) on vocals. I’d pay to see ’em play!

  33. Jimi Hendrix on lead guitar, Mick Fleetwood on drums, Sting on bass, Alicia Keys on Keyboard, Stevie Nicks & Lita Ford on Vocals. “nough said.

  34. Maynard James Kenan on vocals, noone can compose or deliver a message in the way this man can.

    Trent Reznor on keyboards and samplers, when it comes to technology driven rhythems, accept no substitute.

    Les Claypool on bass, we are talking supergroup here so only the best will do. if the bass is supposed to be heard in a song, this is the man who will make it worth it.

    Id have to pick James Hatfield for rhythem guitars/ backup vocals, I doubt his ego would let him be in this band but the whole thing is fantasy anyway right. no one pounds out rhythem like he does.

    Joey “1” Jordison on drums, it was difficult not to pick danny carey but i am trying to form a supergroup not re-assemle Tool, Jordison is the best new drummer out there in my opinion and his drumming i believe will be influential for decades to come.

    DJ Leathal would have to be the man working the turntables, the best rock/scratching i’ve ever heard is still what i heard on Three Dollar Bill

    Jimi Hendrix on lead guitar, Ive never heard anyone convey emotion with music the same way he does, i know his style may seem out of place here, but i’m sure if he heard what the rest of these musicians made his imagination would compose licks that unbelieveably would make it better

  35. Going against the normal comments, I am going to do a more modern supergroup.

    Drums – Dave Grohl
    Beast of not that but vocals as well, WHILE PLAYING. He can tear up a drum set.

    Bass – Nate Mendel
    He doesn’t get that much credit for what he did in the Foo Fighters, but he is crazy when it comes to bass.

    Guitarist – Orianthi
    Does there need to be an explanation of why you would want her on guitar. One of the best modern guitarists.

    Guitarist – Steve Vai
    Again, does there need an explanation. He is amazing and solo and improv with his tri-neck 12 string/7 string/6 string*fretless*.

    Co-Vocals – Tim McIlrath
    Amazing and very powerful voice. The best modern singer.

    Co-Vocals – Kurt Cobain
    Another powerful voice. Amazing grunge feel to it. He died too young. RIP KURT.

  36. Non-living? Jim Morrison on vocals, Stevie Ray Vaughan on guitar, Cliff Burton on bass and John Bonham on drums.

    Living? Glenn Danzig vocals, Jerry Cantrell and Hank Williams III guitar and vocals, Rob Truijillo on bass and Jimmy Bower on drums. All old-school country/blues tunes. Awesome.

  37. rhythm guitar & vocals – John Lennon
    lead guitar & vocals – George Harrison
    bass & vocals – Paul McCartney
    drums – Ringo Starr

    A group doesn’t need flashy solos, pyrotechnics, or massive chops to be super. What they need is great songs and magical chemistry. Yeah, yeah yeah!

  38. Peter Case
    Stu Cook
    Doug Clifford
    Rustee Young
    Ian McLagen
    Albert Lee

    The best Americana Rock (with one Brit who lives in Texas) lineup I can think of right now.

  39. There are so many good ones, both dead and alive, but I might narrow it down to these.

    Mark Knopfler, on lead guitar.. Plays all styles. His solos are always just right.

    Keith Richards on rhythm guitar. Would be great in a supporting role.

    Paul McCartney on bass guitar and vocals. His bass always sang a tune of it’s own. His vocals were outstanding.

    Keith Moon on drums. Always drove songs along at the right pace.

    Steve Winwood on piano and vocals. Plays everything well and can sing as well.

    Billy Preston on organ. Great energy and always great to have in a band.

    But like I said there are literally dozens of great musicians who could be put in a supergroup and would be great..

  40. Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) – Vocals and Rhythm guitar
    Lykke Li – Vocals
    Ira Wolf Tuton (Yeasayer)- bass
    Dan Auerbach (Black Keys)-possible vocals and guitar
    Jimmy Tamborello (of Dntel and Postal Service)- keys/samples

    Justin and Lykke have very complimentary haunting vocals with an appreciation for rhythm and hip-hop. Ira Wolf Tuton is incredibly innovative and under-estimated as the bassist for Yeasayer. Using synth modelers, he creates rhythms that can’t even be considered bass lines. Dan Auerbach has an incredible harmonizing voice, virtuoso guitar playing, and awesome songwriting. Jimmy can add the little blips and thuds that took Postal Service from “another Death Cab album”, an modern rock classic.

    All are from different styles of music, but collectively, they could create ground-breaking music. Lykke has a delivery all her own, and could slay a killer track. I get excited just thinking of the possibilities.. =)

  41. Neil Peart on percussion…!immy Page and Eddie Van Halen sharing guitar duties Roger Daltry on vocals and Geddy Lee on bass guistar…..the songwriting and instrumental and harmonization of this lineup would be sonically and acoustically awesome….

  42. hmmmmmm………

    ok,,,,,,,Rick James,,,,on bass,,,cause nobody can bring the funk like rick james can

    Keith Moon,,cause he was just insane,,,and insanity and drumming go hand and hand…

    Buckethead on guitar ,,,i dont think i need to explain why he belongs in this super group of mine….

    and on vocals and acoustic guitar is none other than,,, Charlie Manson….he is just plain phsycotic,,,and he has had alot of time to hoan his craft,,he’s just a crazy singer song writer,,,,,,allthow he might have an issue with rick james…but every good band needs that explosive energy for the first album,,,to bad they could never be able to tour thow,,,no insurance company would have the balls to insure this tour…

  43. Buddy Rich-Drums
    Anthony Jackson-Bass
    Henry Butler-Keys
    Jimi Hendrix-Guitar
    Sonny Rollins-Sax
    Sugar Blue-Harmonica

    These are among my favorite musicians on theior respective instruments and would creat something incredible!

  44. My supergroup would be made up of
    Neil Peartt of Rush on the drums
    Matthew Bellamy of Muse on guitar
    Les Claypool of Primus on bass
    and on vocals we would have Tom Delonge of Blink 182
    this combination of musicians probably would not work musically together as theyre styles are so different and would clash
    however, they are a few of my favorite musicians and that is why i chose them

  45. John Bonham on drums
    Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, Mick Taylor and Jimmy Page on guitars creating a guitar symphony, Keith is the rhythm.
    Mick Jagger to be the showman on stage and sing alongside Elvis when Elvis was 22 or 23. They switch off and on with Bob Dylan. When they start doing some country flavored stuff, George Jones, Merle Haggard, Lefty Frizzell and Hank Williams SR help out.
    On bass and vocals, Paul McCartney. Bill Wyman will also do work in the studio.
    On keyboards, Garth Hudson.
    To write the lyrics, Bob Dylan circa 1966-1967. Also Hank Williams, Brian Wilson and Leonard Cohen help Bob out.

  46. If I could assemble any supergroup it would be:

    Stuart Braithwaite of “Mogwai” on 1st guitar

    Orri Páll Dýrason of “Sigur Rós” on drums

    Donovan Jones of “This Will Destroy You” on bass

    Munaf Rayani of “Explosions In The Sky” on 2nd guitar

    Matthew Cooper of “Eluvium” on piano

    Bob Schmidt of “Flogging Molly” on banjo

    With these musicians all making art together I do believe that they could make some very incredible instrumental music. I tend to go towards the post/rock, ambient, & instrumental side of music. For me this music is like a journey through sound and to make it out alive you have to put on your headphones and listen to the flow of the music to guide you safely to your destination.

  47. Drums-Dave Grohl-Just cause he’s epic
    Guitar-David Gilmour on lead guitar; he writes awesome solos and can play a lot of styles and Izzy Stradlin on rhythm guitar
    Keys/Piano-Richard Wright (RIP)-Versatile on Hammond organ and can write damn good jazzy-type songs
    Bass-Dufff McKagan-Has really meaty, distorted sound and can keep time well
    Vocals-David Byrne-His voice is versatile and has a lot of energy

  48. I thought long and hard about this question and I have picked the following for my supergroup:

    Jimi Hendrix

    Al Di Meola

    Steve Winwood

    Mitch Mitchell

    Billy Cobham

    Stanley Clarke

    I would like a two drum group (much like the Allman Brothers Band) I think it would work nicely with the talents of both Mitch Mitchell (fantastic jazz style drumming) and Billy Cobham (fantastic jazz drummer).

    Jimi Hendrix – Guitar/vocals – for his knowledge of all forms of guitar…blues, rock, jazz, etc.

    Al Di Meola – Guitar – specifically for his spanish/gypsy style of guitar playing

    Steve Winwood – vocals/keyboards/rhythm guitar – an added plus of creative juices

    Stanley Clake – One of the best bass players ever, would be perfect for this group

    Mitch Mitchell – Drums
    —The only two drummers, I think could keep up with these guys
    Billy Cobham – Drums

    Not only taking lead guitar duties at appropriate times, I would love the “call and response” guitar stylings between Hendrix and Di Meola, much like Duane Allman would do with Dicky Betts in the original Allman Brothers Band.

    I think this band would create music that all could relate to. Whether you like country, jazz, blues, R&B, zydeco, newwave,etc. One would be hard pressed not to hear something from this group that, they would not enjoy.

  49. Lyricists: Peter Sinfield (wrote the lyrics for the first three King Crimson albums.)
    Bob Dylan (needs no explanation.)

    Lead Guitar: Kaki King she’s innovative, challenging, with a clear voice, but unlike other virtuosos – (Vai/Satriani etc.) her art doesn’t feel like it’s fallen victim to her skill.

    Orchestration/ Rythm Guitar:
    Frank Zappa (listen to his symphonies and tell me that he wouldn’t be a better arranger – than George Martin (the arranger for the beatles.) The value of good – orchestration cannot be overstated.)

    Bass: Les Claypool (good for lead or playing in the pocket, electric or double bass, bass–
    – banjo an amazing and versatile player.)

    Drums: Billy Martin (of Medeski Martin and Wood) He is one of the few drummers beside – maybe Bonham who has the qualifying Pedigree, has the chops, and has – been in a band who’s music still resonates despite the technicalities – —- – involved in its production)

    Trumpet: Miles Davis (From Chalie Parker to jerry Garcia the man was versatile, inovative, and — changed the face of Western Music a few times over.)

    Piano: Ray Charles (beautiful voice, fun, moving music) could hold his own with the rest – – of this line-up)

    Vocals: Janis Joplin (There is no singer before of after who has come close to her sound, which – I don’t think can be said about any other vocalist in the history of popular – music. Plus you already have Charles, Claypool, and King if a different – – timbres were called for.)

  50. Thought this would be an interesting line-up:

    Lead Guitar: Brian May (Queen):
    such a distinctiv sound, he can rock a place like no other but has a lot of sensivity.

    Rythm Guitar/backing vocals: Jeff Buckley
    Great guitarist and his voice is just inimitable. Could be nice mix with the lead singer here (aka Florence Welsh).

    Bass: Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
    Again, such a unique player. Could bring a real dynamic to the group and the man can play a lot of other instruments!

    Drums: Dawn Zhu (ex-El Presidente)
    Drummer of a band that don’t exist anymore but the girl is rocking out and have a real charisma!

    Keys: Chris Martin (Coldplay)
    Not the best key player but his personnality could bring something intersting to the group!

    Vocals: Florence Welsh (Florence+The Machine)
    Her voice and her twisted universe could be a real asset to this superband. Associated with Jeff on vocals, this could be a dream team!

  51. Vocals: Kate Bush. There’s no one out there who can touch her.

    Guitar: David Gilmour. Already proven to complement Bush’s voice and esthetic, and a damn fine guitarist to boot!

    Bass: Eberhard Weber. Look him up.

    Drums: Neil Peart. I can just hear it now.

    Keys/Synths/etc: Peter Gabriel.

  52. Guitar Eddie Van Halen
    Guitar Jimi Hendrix
    Bass Geddy Lee
    Drums Keith Moon
    Singer Brian Johnson

  53. I would pick…

    Robert Fripp (from King Crimson) – guitar
    Willy Rodriguez (from Cultura Profetica) – bass
    Jacob Hemphill (from SOJA) – vocals
    Bill Bruford (all kinds of projects) – drums
    Herbie Hancock – keys

    I’m sure they’d put on a hell of a show.

  54. Vocals — Roy Orbison
    Guitar — Eric Clapton
    Bass — John Entwistle
    Drums — Gene Krupa
    Keys — Oscar Peterson

  55. Drums-Keith Moon
    Lead Guitar-George Harrison
    Rhythm Guitar-Link Ray
    Bass-Noel Redding
    Vocals-H.R. (from bad brains)

  56. Keys: Herbie Hancock
    Rhthymically he compliments Pino and ?uest absolutely perfectly. Herbie hancock has some of the most phenomenal polyrhtymic compositions I’ve ever heard. Listen to songs like Succotash on Interventions and Dimensions, he uses awesome african 3 over 4 styles in a really digestible and enjoyable way.

    Bass: Pino Palladino
    Pino is the greatest session bassist of all time. He is on par with James Jamerson in terms of soul and restraint. Furthermore, on Voodoo by D’angelo, Pino and ?uest Love play together and lock in a ridiculous manner, showing off both of their abilities to be creative in rhthym and sound tight as fuck.

    Drums: ?uest Love
    Aside from the fact that he has soul, works well with both pino and herbie, ?uest is known in the studio for having nearly perfect hits at the same velocity on the VU meter every shot he hits. He is extremely knowledgable of theory, both rhtyhmically and melodically, and knows all his rudiments cold; he can play them all nearly perfectly.

    Vocals/Rhthym Guitar: Damon Albarn
    Damon Albarn is one of the most well rounded songwriters of our generation. His ability to tackle electronica, hip-hop, funk, rock, and pop is unreal. I would love to see what he could do with a phenomenal rhthym section behind him and what awesome shit he could write over it, especially lyrically and vocally. His voice is just plain awesome and would sound great over a tight groove.

    Lead Guitar: Jonny Greenwood
    Jonny is merely the icing on the cake. He would have squealing lines that would be the hooks of all the tracks, or lay down some great ambient stuff behind anything the rest of the band is playing. The great part about jonny is the fact that he is well versed in many instruments and has the ability to be the perfect auxillary member for a group like this.

    Samples/Synth/Laptop/Tech shit etc.: Geologist (Of Animal Collective)
    Geologist has shown himself time and time again to push boundaries in electronic music. Geologist would set this group aside as something else, something different. Anyone can list the best instrumentalists on these lists, but that doesnt mean they would all sound good together, or would sound any different than a tight backing track to a pop record. Geologist would take direction from Damon and Jonny and would know when he’s doing too much or overkilling the track. I would love to see the experimental side of Herbie Hancock, Damon Albarn, and Jonny Greenwood all collide with Geologist with tight as shit grooves going behind them with Pino and ?uest.

    And for the record: They would all put on an amazing show. They all have phenomenal stage prescence.

  57. vocals: Robert Plant
    lead guitar: David Gilmour
    rythm guitar: Mark Knopfler
    bass: Paul McCartney
    drums: Phil Collins

  58. Give me:
    Keith Moon on drums
    Ruben from Cafe Tacuba on vocals
    Bootsy Collins on bass
    Bernie Worrell on keys
    Keith Richards on rhythm guitar
    Danny Gatton on lead

    That would be a wild evening. And probably a complete mess.

  59. Vocals — Roy Orbison
    Guitar — Eric Clapton
    Bass — John Entwistle
    Drums — Gene Krupa
    Keys — Oscar Peterson

  60. Drums.- John Bonham
    Lead Guitar.- Frank Zappa
    Rhythm Guitar.- Syd Barrett
    Bass.- tony levin
    Vocals.- mike patton

    just wonder what kind of marcian music would they do together.
    a couple of ours jamming should do it all.
    doing experimental music by experimenting with musicians, nice one.
    may be one could give it a latin touch by changin a Barrett for a Santana from time to time.

  61. I know this might be really simple, but to me it would definitely be a super group.

    Kate Bush and her voice.

    Johnny Jewel and his disco.

  62. If I could assemble a supergroup…….it would have to be:

    Jack White(White Stripes, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather)
    An Amazing musician, who has brought the blues to the modern age in a completely new way.

    Claudio Sanchez(Coheed and Cambria, The Prize Fighter Inferno)
    A extremely versatile musician, though most people don’t see his versatile side. Most just see him a guitar slamming man that sings like an “old Asian woman”, but he could be an amazing addition to a collaboration such as this.

    Jack Bruce(Cream, Manfred Man, etc.)
    The man that brought bass to the front of the stage. He was one of the first bassists to play lead on the bass, while his playing is still incredibly smooth. And he can sing.

    Steve Jordan(Eric Clapton, John Mayer Trio, etc.)
    A very rounded drummer, a perfect mix of groove, and improvisation. He utilizes his fills perfectly while still keeping a solid beat.

    All in all there could be more musicians added to this group, though it would already be extreme eclectic and strange. All of these musicians, for the most part, have a very different style, but I feel when put together they could create something gorgeous and never heard before.

  63. Multi-instrumentalist/Vocals: Sufjan Stevens. Electronic progressive master-mind who knows how to write both epic and catchy songs.

    Guitar/Female Vocals: Karin Dreijer Andersson from The Knife/Fever Ray. Would bring in the darker elements and the opera influences, and be responsible for the stage make-up and costumes.

    Drums/Vocals: Daniel Snaith from Caribou. A quirky and rhytmic PhD mathematician, and a great songwriter.

    Lead Guitar/Vocals: Stephen Malkmus from Pavement. Well, because it’s Stephen Malkmus, “this Malkmus idiot is a complete songwriting genius” as someone once said.

    Bass: Jenny Lee Lindberg from Warpaint. A solid bass player (and a great dancer).

  64. Just because I’m a fan of alt rock and the various forms of it, I’d have to say:

    Guitar: John Frusciante (former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist), probably just because I love just about all of his solo and RHCP work. It’s very soul-ful. (is that a word?)

    Him or Dave Grohl. He’s awesome.

    Vocals: Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), he has an awesome voice.

    Bass: GEDDY LEE. no, i don’t really know about bass, but sure, geddy lee

    Drums: Dave Grohl, he’s awesome at drums.

    Okay, the excessive Dave Grohl was a joke, but still!

  65. Niccolò Paganini on violin, for the fire.

    Hendrix on guitar, for the cool.

    Franz Liszt on keys, for the women.

    John Entwistle on bass, for the foundation.

    Buddy Rich on drums, for the wonder.

    Patsy Cline on vocals, for the soul.

  66. Just because i would love to see the kind of music they would put out, my band would go as follows:

    Lead Vocals – Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) – his resume’ speaks for itself

    Guitar – John Mayer – Mayer’s blues/jazz/virtuoso style with Plant’s vocals could be an incredible match

    Bass – John Myung (Dream Theater) – quite simply the grandmaster of the bass

    Drums – Buddy Rich (Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong) – the guy is simply incredible at his craft. Could be a great match with Mayer

  67. Bandleader/Principal Songwriter- Frank Zappa. Can’t put him as a vocalist, because there are others that are better, and the same goes for guitarists. (Although FZ is vastly underrated.) I just have Frank in here to make sure the project never gets boring!

    Vocals- Roger Daltrey. Man, in his prime, he could pack more emotion into his voice than anyone I’ve ever heard.

    Lead Guitar- Eddie Van Halen Like a true child of the 80’s, I can think of nobody greater than Eddie!

    Rhythm Guitar- Pete Townshend. Outstanding rythym player, unbelievable songwriter.

    Drums- Neil Peart. Ok, is this pick too obvious? The guy simply has jaw dropping talent. Honorable Mention- Keith Moon

    Bass- John Entwistle. Wait. I just named every member of the Who. Can I do that? Lemme change the bass player to… I don’t know… Steve Jay (The Weird Al Yankovic Band.) Why not?

  68. Lead Vox – Mac McCaughan (Superchunk/Portastatic) : He’s got a really unique sounding voice that i never really get tired of

    Lead Guitar – Ted Leo (Ted Leo and The Pharmacists) :Probably not the first name that spring to minds, but he is a fantastic guitarist and he really knows what i like, some awesome indie sensibilities, while maintaining the sound of a man who grew up on punk rock.

    Rhythm Guitar – John Roderick/Ben Gibbard (The Long Winters/Death Cab for Cutie) : They are both capable guitarists, but really i put them both here because of their insane songwriting abilities.

    Bass Guitar – Nick Harmer (Death Cab) : Looove his bass sound, though to be fair i don’t know how much of that is due to Chris Walla’s production, so ideally i’d involve him somehow too.

    Drums – Ringo/John Moen (The Beatles/The Decemberists, The Jicks) : I don’t think i need to explain either choices, they speak for themselves.

  69. Just because they’re some of my favorites……..

    Lead Guitar: Carlos Santana
    Rhythm Guitar/Vocals: John Mayer
    Bass: Ruben Rodriguez (with Carlos? oh wow!!)
    Drums: Tito Puente….just to keep the latin legend thing going

  70. Hi Guys,
    This ones a toughy! But if i was to choose a super group it would be:
    Stevie Wonder and Barry White with vocals – simply because we have 2 great singers with some of the silkiest voices around.
    Jimmy Hendrix on electric guitar – obviously, need i say more? the best guitarist ever to grace this planet.
    Flea (Red Hot Chillies) on bass – think the red hot chilli peppers are one of the most underrated bands around and to put this in would again serve them justice.
    Calvin Harris Dj – a great fan of this guy, Kilmarnock fc supporter like myself, one of the most respected mainstream Djs in the world: he would certainly add a great dancey touch to any songs that required it!
    For the drummer: Animal from Jim Henson’s the muppets!
    Need i say more? Classic!

    Cheers guys

  71. If i had to make a band i would chose people who i listern to such as ….
    Vocals- Chad Kroeger
    Main Guitarist-Carlos Santana
    Bass Guitar-Phil Lynott
    Drums-Phil Collins
    Thank you for reading.

  72. vocals: Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) – able to deliver a wide range of textures with her singing; sets the bar high for vocalists, proving that just singing doesn’t mean just standing there

    guitar: Daniel Kessler (Interpol) – created numerous iconic riffs &hooks throughout the band’s history; as a bonus, his straight-laced demeanor would provide interesting contrast to Karen O’s wild &colorful stage presence

    drums: Jason McGerr – (Death Cab For Cutie) – – the guy knows what the fuck he’s doing.

    bass &producer: Chris Taylor (Grizzly Bear) – with Grizzly Bear in a Pitchfork video, he explores the full breadth of bass sounds (bass guitar, bass clarinet), quickly becoming my favorite bass player thanks to his sheer creativity &understanding of different bass tone colors; also proved his invisible genius (to be everywhere yet seen nowhere – trademark of a good producer, in my opinion) with Twin Shadow’s recent album

  73. Tom Smith and Thom Yorke on vocals, the Arcade Fire string section, Matthew Bellamy can contribute on the guitar as well as some backing vocals, Nathan Willett on the keys as well as some backing vocals, Steve Shelley on drums, Les Pattinson on bass. Then in the end everyone can do Joy Division covers and drink lattes.

  74. Freddie Mercury: Insane versitile vocals, great melodies

    Thom Yorke: vocals/electronics/keyboard/guitar/geniusness/whatever you need him to do

    Jack White: guitar, master of the simple and raw

    The Edge: guitar, master of effects and texture, it would be awsome to see him and his guitar opposite White work together

    Geddy Lee: Bass/back up vocals, an insane bassist and musician, and a crazy voice like his would be a great addition.

    Phil Collins: drums, he is a great drummer, melodic drummer, and likes to mess with drum sounds (which is good when you have Thom Yorke in the band), plus adds another great songwriter

    Kanye West: vocals (rapping)/samples/production, kanye to be the cherry on top and add a big twist, a genius at production and sampling and someone who likes to push the limits, and him and Yorke could do some crazy things, plus some breakdown rapping cant hurt

    insane songwriters, musicians, and innovators that all push the limit, i would love to see what they could come up with.

  75. I forgot one person in my above Superband!

    Sufjan Stevens & Owen Pallett: everything!… to add in or arrange any instrumentation needed and to sprinkle in some more genius, i mean you can never have to much genius

  76. My supergroup would contain some of my favorite artists not from the mainstream, but from YouTube!

    Guitar & Vox: Tyler Ward

    Lead Guitar: Lance Gregory

    Vox: Lisa Lavie

    Vox: Eric Arcenaux

    Bass: Denny Lalouette

    Drums: Cobus Potgieter

    Definitely my dream team!

  77. Guitars – Vernon Reid & Keith Richards
    Bass – Jack Bruce & Bootsy
    Vocals – Damon Albarn & Mavis Staples
    Drums & Percussion – Art Blakey, Bill Bruford, and Tito Puente
    Brass – The original horn section from Chicago, plus John Coltrane on Tenor Sax
    Keys/Synths – Herbie Hancock & Kerry Minnear

    No idea what this would sound like, but what the hell…?

  78. Vocals, Guitar : Joni Mitchell
    Background Vocals : Pooka
    Bass : Sting
    Guitars : Johnny Marr, Prince
    Keys : Ryuchi Sakamoto
    Drums : Manu Katché

  79. Vocals – Gary lightbody from snowpatrol .he got an amazing voice .
    Lead guitar – slash as he is lethal
    drums- Daniel Adair
    Bass guitar -owen strathern and backing vocals


  80. Super-group?Hmmm….

    Lead man/Keyboards: Brandon Flowers (One of the best live performers ever!!!)
    Songwriter/singer: Pete Yorn (His lyrics are up there with Gary Lightbody’s)
    Backing Vocals/Duet: Ingrid Michaelson (She has such a pure voice -it’s what I imagine angels sound like).
    Guitar: Eric Clapton (I know its unrealistic, but come on … he’s amazing!)
    Drums: Phil Collins
    Bass: Nikki Monniger (Silverun Pickups)

    This was fun, THANKS!!!!

  81. Vocals: Ronnie James Dio
    (Authentic voice , with such a strong feeling and versatility )

    Guitar 1 : David Gilmour (needs no explanation)

    Guitar 2 : Frank Zappa (same as above :P)

    Bass : John Entwistle (becuse the rest of them would choose the same)

    Keyboards: Rick Wakeman

    Drums: John Bonham (self-explanatory) 😛

  82. I thought it would be interesting to try to put together an all-female supergroup, as I can’t think of a time when I’ve seen that happen. (We’ll just hope that this doesn’t, hypothetically, turn into Wilson Phillips.)

    I started with two women who performed together in another supergroup. KT Tunstall and Bic Runga were both involved in Neil Finn’s 7 Worlds Collide II. They did some really beautiful songwriting and harmonizing (“Black Silk Ribbon”) on that project, which I thought might be a good jumping-off point.

    Next, I decided to include a couple of instrumental “multi-taskers” who also happen to have beautiful singing voices–Lisa Hannigan and Sarah Martin (Belle & Sebastian). Both ladies play several different instruments, some of them quite unusual, which I thought might give the group a more definitive kind of sound.

    I chose Meg White on drums, for a couple of reasons. First, let’s face it, there aren’t very many female drummers to choose from. More importantly, her presence might keep the group from getting too folky and flowery.

    Looking over this line-up, I’m thinking this could just as easily be an a capella singing group as a rock band. But these ladies are all more than good singers. I’d be tempted to just throw them all in a room and let them work out who wanted to write which songs, or play which instruments, or sing which parts. There are so many different potential musical combinations here, I’m finding it hard to narrow down the choices. Really, with this kind of talent all in one place, why would you want to think narrowly?

  83. Wayne Coyne (Flaming Lips) on vocals and guitar. If you have ever seen a Lips show, you know that he is one of the great live front men of all time. From his playful and creative song writing, to his crowd surfing in a hamster ball, Wayne knows how to put on a show.

    Thom Yorke. Guitar, Electrontics, Keyboards etc. This is a dream team right? The Willburries had more than one lead singer. Wayne and Tom together would produce some interesting results.

    Buckethead on Guitar. Picked by Axel Rose to replace Slash on the GnR album that never happened. The mysterious guitarist that wears a mask and KFC bucket on his head while he performs.

    Les Claypool (Primus) on bass. He’s just a legend. Plays bass as a lead instrument better than anyone else.

    Billy Martin (Medeski, Martin & Wood) on Drums. Amazing and creative drummer.

  84. Vocal: Caleb Followill

    B ass: Dominic Howard Muse

    Guitar: The Edge U2

    Drums: Christopher Guanlao Silversun Pickups

    Keys: Paul Meany Mutemath

  85. So making up the waves of bliss that hold dearest in your yearning heart:

    Vocals and songwriting: Jeff Buckley – ‘playing guitar also’
    I miss the man so much. never knew him personally but through music he spoke to me.
    Able to mesmerise audiences with the tender sound of a telecaster and a voice that reaches over and under
    musical keys. To put simply that would be a “Dream” – brother

    Billy Corgan – also contributing to vocals
    Someone who can really enchant an audience at a concert. Back in ‘siamese dream’ era billy would turn
    you from a sorrowful lover into a beastly slayer and inbetween he’d stop to befriend and comfort you. True ambition and drive will always lead the way with Billy

    Keith Richards for his awesome tone. Just listen to can’t you hear me knocking, the subtle guitar solo at the end is every bit beautiful as it is spine tingling. So many great feelings are pulled together by this gem of a person.

    Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood
    Along with their respective instruments these guys will put together the perfect remedy on any given day. Now thats a hard feat to conquer and divide. The best thing is that they know when to hold or leave this remedy

    Chris Wolstenhome for his sheer talent. As put by matt bellamy “A one take onder”
    enough said.:)

    Drums – percussion:
    Jimmy Chamberlin, love the feeling of jimmy. Totally belongs to music. He gets absorbed into the mood no matter what is portrayed. Great sound on his drums.

  86. So let’s start with the obvious: this is going to be a rock group. Could have a folk group, or an electronic group, or perhaps even a Guided-By-Voices/Pavement-led lo-fi heaven (and I’m sure somewhere someone’s dreamt it up). But the best supergroups are all-out rockers, with a slight hint of prog in their nature: fast-paced and loud, but with every instrument contributing clearly and a certain degree of “catchy-ness”. The other big consideration is the live act: not only do you want a group who can produce a collection of songs you want to listen to again and again, you need one that can excite a crowd, pull off a brilliant string of original and devastating performances and deliver jams and riffs a-plenty. For the sake of consistency, I’ve kept to people who are rocking in the here and now, something that is conceivably tangible, if highly unlikely.

    So with the style of the band defined, let’s look at the members. Working from the back, in this modern day, there is one stand-out candidate for the modern rock supergroup drummer. He can thrash it out with the best of the best, he can charm a crowd and he can even sing a little when required, it’s [B]Dave Grohl[/B]. Next up, the bassist. Choosing a bassist is a tricky task, often because no-one has a clue how much they are contributing. If we look to Wales though, we can find a guy whose entertaining side on stage is matched by a ferocious creativity in studio. This man is [B]Nicky Wire[/B], and as a bassist, musician and live act he adds a touch of class and connection often missing in the bass spot.

    If choosing a bassist was easy, picking the next two members is a conundrum in other ways. A strong group features strong vocals and a massive guitar parts. Then you have to consider whether you want to add a bit of flavour to the instruments. Remember, bands such as Queen and The Beatles found a place for the piano, and this group does not need to be an exception. But the combination required… should it be a lead vocalist and a separate lead guitarist. A frontman doing both, with another wielding backing instruments? Another combination entirely? My favoured solution involves two talented multi-instrumental vocalists, both with huge stage credentials and powerful presence up front, but in this one group for different purposes. The first is the gifted [B]Matthew Bellamy[/B]. For Muse, he commands guitar, piano and vocals, all with an energetic performance, an eye for stagecraft and an ear for music. This guy is the studio lynchpin, creating the arrangements and pulling the strings to make a sonically cohesive force. Now with these three, you already have a supergroup that could be enormous live. However, there is room for something more. Another frontman with a penchant for vocals (better ones in fact!), guitars, and a wide other range of instruments that could add that extra something to the music. Someone who has crafted song after song of beauty, often in collaboration. Someone who is used to working with a large creative ensemble, and who can lead it on stage. That extra someone is none other than Arcade Fire’s [B]Win Butler.[/B]

    A true four-man dream powerhouse for stage and speakers.

  87. Lead Vocals – Mike Patton

    Backing Vocals – Barbara Gaskin

    Lead Guitar – Marc Ribot

    Rhythm guitar – Bert Jansch

    Bass Guitar – Cliff Burton

    Keyboard – Dave Stewart (Hatfield and the North)

    Drums – Bill Bruford

    It Would fookin’ Rock !

  88. Vocals / Guitar – Noel Gallagher

    Backing Vocals – Lisa Hannigan

    Lead Guitar – The Edge (U2)

    Guitar – Nathan Connolly

    Bass Guitar – Alex James (Blur)

    Keyboard – Markéta Irglová ( The Swell Season)

    Drums – Fabrizio Moretti

    Accordion / xylophone: Régine Chassagne

  89. Vocals / Rhythm guitar: Kurt Cobain
    Lead Guitar / Back Vocals: Jimmy Hendrix
    Bass: Cliff Burton
    Drums / Back Vocals: James “The Rev” Sullivan
    Keyboards / Piano: Not needed at all, but The Rev could come up with nice sequencing too!

    Even if everybody on this list is dead, I can’t think of any supergroup as modern energetic and “live” as this one!
    If anyone could put this four guys together, the world wouldn’t be the same.

  90. Rather than showy or highly athletic / technical players or ‘guitar / bass / drum / etc. heroes”, I’d rather put together a more free-form group of non-mainstream ‘creative types’, have them ‘play in the sandbox’ with the direction of a producer/engineer or two to keep things moving, keep egos in check, and add their own touches, and see what happens:

    David Bowie: Vocals, saxophone, rudimentary keyboard and guitar parts

    Jack White: Vocals, guitar, bass, synthesizers, drums

    Karin Dreijer Andersson (Fever Ray, The Knife): Vocals, synthesizers

    Jamie Smith (The xx): Electronic percussion, percussion, synthesizers, programming

    Martin McCarrick (Siouxsie and the Banshees, Therapy?, This Mortal Coil, Bryan Ferry, Marc Almond, etc.): Cello, accordion, keyboards

    Brian Eno: co-producer, synthesizers, treatments, backing vocals

    James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem): co-producer, backing vocals, drums, percussion, programming, synthesizers, guitar, bass

    Alan Wilder (Recoil, Depeche Mode): co-producer, drums, programming, synthesizer, sound design

  91. Bass- Mike Watt

    Guitar/Vox- Josh Homme

    Guitar- Ron Asheton

    Guitar/Vox- Jack White

    Drums- Chuck Biscuits

    Keyboards- Stevie Wonder

    Vocals- Tom Waits/Mark Lanegan/Howlin’ Wolf

  92. Vocals: Anne Wilson
    Lead Guitar: Eddie Van Halen
    Rhythm Guitar: Roger McGuinn
    Bass: Tom Petersson
    Drums: Carmen Appice

  93. Here is my list and why:

    Jimmy Page- Lead Guitar- the master guitarist. He combines the thunder of the electric guitar with blues, rock, folk, and Indian & Celtic traditional rhythms. He is the Hammer of the Gods.

    Paul Rodgers-Vocals- An incredible vocalist. Played with Jimmy Page in the Firm. A great band. Has a great vocal range, he can sing the blues, rock, and folk. Also played with Queen which showed his power as a vocalist.

    Jason Bonham-Drums- son of the late John Bonham. He inherited his father’s drum playing ability. A great drummer in his own right. Has played with UFO, Bonham, and a new band called Black Country Communion.

    Tony Franklin-Bass- has played with both Page & Rodgers in the Firm. A great bassist who can play with anyone in the buisiness. There is a chemistry already there between all the above mentioned players that is MAGIC and that is why I choose these musician’s to be in a band together.

  94. Here goes:

    Vocals: P!nk

    Lead guitar: Angus Young (seriously, I’m just learning and AC/DC licks are intricate)

    Bass: Gene Simons

    Drums: Animal

    Keyboards: Max Rebo

    Wind: Clarence Clemons

    Back-up Dancer: dancing guy from Mighty Mighty Bosstones

  95. Hey
    I would really love to win a guitar as i play one.
    I would have in a band

    Gary Lightbody from snow patrol as main vocals because he has a strong voice and his lyrics are so powerful and he could write the songs for this band .He has playied at the biggest gigs and with u2 so he can bring alot of knowlegde.
    He is a born performer 🙂
    As Lead guitar i would have Tom Smith from Editors as guitar and backing vocals and now and again be on piano.He has amazing but different.He would be great in a band as you need people you are going to work with.E.g Gary worked well with R.E.M and made successful music and didnt need to have alot of time making tired pony as they all knew what they was doing as being in other bands.
    On drums i would have Dominic Howard from Muse.They are an indie /rock band and so are snow patrol and Editors so the music will be very simular and will work together as if you have lots of different kinds of music it will turn out as mush.other people in the band will have different ideas on how they want a song to turn out and may come to arguing but these bands are very simular so i think they will work well.
    On base guitar i would have Daniel Parkin from One night only as this will bring him a good knowledge in other music but a chance for the band to get bigger i would also have George Craig who would play Guitar and may do some singing as well with Gary lightbody same as tired pony with gary and Tom smith .
    It will worked out well as they both have different voices 🙂

    Thank you for reading and i hope i win as this is mean alot to me 🙂 x I love tired pony xx

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