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MP3: Jesus H. Foxx – “So Much Water”

MP3: Jesus H. Foxx – “So Much Water”

Jesus H. Foxx impressed with a couple solid EPs a few years back; I loved both Matter and Tightt Ideas, and their fusing of jangle-pop guitars with Talking Heads-inspired punk eclecticism. Stylistically and otherwise, not much has changed for the band since; they’ll always be from Edinburgh, and they still have seven members. But there is some change in discography; their debut full-length, released this past Monday, refines the qualities that made their EPs so impressive.

The lead vocals on their past efforts sounded like a mumbled Tom Verlaine-Michael Gira hybrid then, and it’s no different on their new album. Yet in the vein of plenty of Talking Heads and Swans favorites, the minimal beginnings usually expand toward a colorful and intensely arranged chorus. “So Much Water” adds guitar upon guitar, and reverts to the bare first verse the moment before jumping into the chorus, which is sparked by backing vocals more youthful than the husky lead. These vocals seem more inspired by the airy Brit-pop likes of The Boo Radleys, rather than the darkly entrenched though playfully low-pitched lead. It’s a contrast to love, along with the development of “So Much Water” as a whole.

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