MP3 Premiere: Los Encantados – “St Tropez”

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MP3: Los Encantados – St Tropez

Here’s another premiere from rising Brooklyn rockers Los Encantados, who are holding a release party for their new EP, Same Damned Soul: Chapter 2, this Saturday. Its first track, “St Tropez”, is a crisp and rhythmically active effort, led by a bubbly bass and constant percussion in addition to the trickling, island-ready guitar licks the band touts so well. “In the sunshine,” Armstrong repeats, his voice alternating between excitable strains and suave caresses, as a series of quick guitar lines whiz beside him. A fun bass hop occurs at the one-and-a-half minute mark, signaling a breakdown of sorts that eventually returns to the same lovable “fools in the sunshine” verse. It’s another sun-filled gem from the promising Los Encantados. Look out in the near future for more exclusives of this group.

You may also remember this initial post with several streams, as well as our premiere of “Maritime (Wagner’s Dither Down Disco Dub)” in May and the “Ghosts” video. These songs exemplify their love of surf-rock and throwback pop in the vein of Jonathan Richman or Little Joy, who recall the style’s chirpiest and most accessibly recognizable aspects without appearing overly sentimental or dependent on the era. Alas, Los Encantados do not abandon the suave NYC indie-rock sound of The Strokes or The Virgins. With a breezy, nonchalant, hook-filled sound, they’re destined to explode shortly.

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