MP3: Southern Shores – “Malabar”

southern shores halifax

Southern Shores transport listeners to a tropical paradise, or the greatest party imaginable. It depends which song you’re listening to; “Night Is Young” is late night dance at its best, suavely sensual with a strong rhythmic drive, while the bubbly “Antibo” is more for fun in the sun with its illuminated arpeggio melody. On their new track “Malabar” it’s a combination of both worlds. The Canadian duo’s tranquil use of wavy samples, soft marimbas, and caressing vocal harmonies remind of the late Air France, but with more emphasis on house and dance. “Malabar” seems practically designed for the phrase “beach rave”, so Balearic comparisons are accurate as well — though “Malabar” is the sort of mellow you’d want the day after, when you’re recuperating on a beach and sipping a coconut.

Put Southern Shores’ Atlantic EP on when it’s beautiful outside and you’re stuck at work. They have perfect tunes to complement daydreaming about quitting your job and heading to the beach. For good.


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