MP3: Profecy – “Walk With Me”


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MP3: Profecy – “Walk With Me”

Profecy has been steadily making a name in the Australian hip-hop scene for a few years now, previously making waves with Let the Music Play in 2010, an under-exposed but promising example of the young MC’s rhythmic and lyrical chops. He will release the follow-up EP, Walk With Me, in late September — with a track of the same name available to download above. American hip-hop producer DJ Corbett, who has worked with the likes of Saigon and Bun B, joined Profecy in the studio for this entertaining new effort. “Walk With Me” initially features a subdued verse, with a gently swaying guitar and automated snares leading a more pop-oriented delivery. His hip-hop chops follow on the next verse, again assuming a more relaxed output in the vein of B.O.B. and Bun B. The track is easy to please, an engaging effort that plays it safe without sacrificing creativity.

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