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Earlier this year, Tigermilk unveiled her beautifully atmospheric track “Talátur”, which combined ethereal folk with ambient influences collected from all over the world, particularly Atacameños (Likan-Antay) culture. Her own version of freak-folk, with several instruments made from household appliances, was an instant hit on this site. Acclaim by others like Knox Road and Indie Shuffle quickly followed, and it became apparent an interview with the woman behind the music – Paulina Tala – was a good idea; check it out here. It provided a competent look into the mind of the evolving songwriter, who reaches new heights with the track “Turi”.

“Turi” marks Tala’s first release under the new name Kuky Tala, which she changed from Tigermilk. Her ghostly and worldly sound is still intact, and more expansive than ever with “Turi”. A pounding drum accompanies the stoically solemn vocals of Max Avery Lichtenstein, who fades out eventually to the sounds of twinkling wind chimes, a slight drone, and gorgeous female harmonizing with a mysteriously exotic flair. A blurring synth arpeggio signals another fade-out, and Anneli Drecker picks it back up with her angelic crooning. Lichtenstein then returns with the original verse, though his eventual fade-out the second time around marks the track’s greatest climax. The final two minutes of “Turi” is a complete masterpiece; western-inspired keys quiver over Drecker’s chilling vocals, as varying keys collide over a twangy guitar backing. It’s exceptionally easy to get lost in, as it was with “Talátur”. Tala’s maintain their hypnotic quality without sacrificing originality, and somehow her songwriting keeps getting better and better.

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