Sally Shapiro – “Starman”

Sally Shapiro - Somewhere Else

On Sally Shapiro’s dazzling new track “Starman”, the Swedish chanteuse swoons over an elusive starman “from a different time.” Dreaming of a comfortable future, Shapiro’s musical arsenal returns to a comfortably angelic electronic realm complete with whirring arps, icy twinkles, and pulsating bass. Collaboration from the Canadian electro-pop duo Electric Youth give the track a fuller-bodied, club-friendly feel than past Shapiro work, especially compared to hushed and ethereal “I’ll Be By Your Side” and work with producer Johan Agebjörn. Listeners may recognize Electric Youth from the Drive soundtrack, with their track “A Real Hero“.

Excluding the 2010 Anoraak collaboration “Don’t Be Afraid”, “Starman” is the second track revealed off Shapiro’s upcoming album Somewhere Else, out next week. The spine-tingling beauty of “What Can I Do” graced our ears in December, a track detailing fragile hearts and romantic pleas much like early Shapiro material. The woodwind-accompanied acoustic flutters of “What Can I Do” differ from the more pulsating punch of “Starman”, but both are mesmerizing and insanely addicting. It only goes to show the amount of diversity we can expect from Somewhere Else, easily one of my most anticipated albums of the year. After becoming first hypnotized by her tunes in 2006, I’m ecstatic that Sally Shapiro is back.

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