Their Planes – “The Hunter”

Their Planes Will Block Out The Sun

NJ-based five-piece Their Planes Will Block Out The Sun show great strengths on their upcoming EP Brasil. A track on the EP that reflects the band’s name starts with a guitar quietly flying off a small repeating riff, with a bass line that smooths things out and transforms the feel into ’90s alt-rock nostalgia. When Victor Fernandes’ fluid vocals emerge, his first lyrics tout the band’s full name: “Their Planes Will Block Out The Sun.” Even more self-aware, the lyrics include the name of the band’s bassist, Wayne Green. With these direct mentions, the track suggests that Their Planes is reflecting on how their lives have progressed since childhood. Another aspect that makes this track memorable is its phenomenally restrained song structure. It commences with a slow, subdued feeling that is at its core rather emotional, while still feeling contained. Then around the 3.5 minute mark the song starts to take off, signaled by the lyrics “see you at the meltdown.” However, the structure remains patient, avoiding clichéd explosive hooks. The art of restraint is one aspect of modern music that often goes overlooked. Many can write a song that explodes and takes off like a cheetah. It is when you find an artist writing a song that seems to be in control of itself that true musicianship shines most brightly. This track, along with another EP effort “The Hunter”, show this well.

RIYL: Merchandise, Sebadoh, Slint, DeVotchKa, Dinosaur Jr., Guided by Voices

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