Video: David Lynch + Lykke Li – “I’m Waiting Here”

Some fans may have been slightly disappointed when David Lynch’s graphical hints on Facebook eluded to a new album, rather than a new film or Twin Peaks reboot. But the first glimpses and listens at Lynch’s upcoming album suggest something special is in the works. Lynch’s new album, The Big Dream, is out July 15th in the UK and July 16th in the US, and serves as the follow-up to his bizarrely enjoyable 2011 debut Crazy Clown Time (review). The famed director streamed an album track, a collaboration with Swedish songwriter Lykke Li entitled “I’m Waiting Here”, along with the album announcement. Now we get a dreamy music video of the track, featuring a serene valley drive. It’s almost as if Lost Highway was wrapped in bliss, rather than anxious terror. “She brought her own style to this song, which has a doo-wop sort of thing going on, but in a way it’s far removed from the ’50s,” Lynch said of Lykke Li. Expect more of Lynch’s creepy atmospherics and nocturnal tugs throughout The Big Dream.

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