Gap Dream – “Shine Your Love”

Gap Love - Shine Your Light

Gap Dream, the psych-rock project of Gabe Fulvimar, was based in Cleveland when I wrote about his excellent track “58th St. Fingers” last year. This was before he made the move to Fullerton, California on December 1st, 2012, when Burger Records extended him a residency. From that December to April 2013, he created a new Gap Dream album by the name of Shine Your Light, recorded at Burger Records “in a dark storage unit that’s filled with new and used LPs.” Our first glimpse at that release comes via the superb “Shine Your Love”, which bursts with effervescent psych-rock goodness. The lead flimsy brass resembles the drugged-out orchestra throughout the score for The Who’s film version of Tommy, while Fulvimar’s voice resounds with a classic appeal over both chugging guitars and electronic flourishes. Complete with a wholly infectious chorus, “Shine Your Love” is the perfect type of track to get listeners excited for Shine Your Light, which may very well be a breakout release for this talented singer/songwriter. Read more about the album’s creation process here, and pick it up when it releases on November 12th.

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