Mr. Roffla – “Truth As We Know It”

Mr. Roffla

With music running through this particular family’s veins, Mr. Roffla is the younger brother of recently featured Swedish folk-pop act Man on the Moon.¬†Vilhelm Lizell is only 16 years old, but he has an extraordinary grasp of electronic pop music. “Truth As We Know It” highlights his knack for bubbly pop progressions, spacey wide-eyed awe, and gliding acoustics. The track alternates from very naturalistic folk music, with playful shuffles, and intricate electro-pop compositions that compare to countryman The Tough Alliance in their tropical glow. It’s daunting to imagine where Vilhelm will be in a few years. He’s already way above his peers with efforts like “Truth As We Know It” and the bursting “Down the Line”. Monitor his SoundCloud, for sure.

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