The Top 10 Songs About Gambling

Best Songs About Gambling

It seems as if each and every year, gambling becomes more and more a part of our culture. In part, this due to the continued success of casino themes in the entertainment industry. Movies like Ocean’s 11 give us glimpses of the glamour of Las Vegas, and options like “21” and “Rounders” delve into the specific thrill of gambling.

Additionally, the ever increasing popularity of quality non UK regulated operators is due to its increased accessibility, with online gaming spreading widely across the world.

But also worth noting in any discussion about the link between gambling and culture is the music scene! There have always been songs that, lyrically and thematically, delve into gambling in various ways, and then stay stuck in our heads. Here’s our rundown of the top-10 songs related to gambling.

10. Poker Face, by Lady Gaga

It’s not really about poker, but Lady Gaga’s hit nonetheless has the term “Poker Face” permanently stuck in our heads.

9. Luck Be A Lady, by Frank Sinatra

The song is more closely tied to general fortune than gambling luck specifically, but given the ties that already exist between Sinatra and Vegas, this is a perfect gambling song.

8. Viva Las Vegas, by Elvis Presley

There’s no separating gambling and Vegas, and Elvis may just have the best ode to Vegas anyone ever wrote with this one.

7. Tumbling Dice, by The Rolling Stones

The dice are a metaphor in this song, but there’s nonetheless quite a bit of gambling language.

6. Loser, by The Grateful Dead

This is a great song about the fact that losing doesn’t tend to phase most addicted gamblers.

5. Rambling, Gambling Willie, by Bob Dylan

A sort of short story wrapped up in a song, Dylan sings about a tragic gambler named Willie, with the message being not to let gambling consume you, as it did Willie.

4. The Jack, by AC/DC

Take this song’s meaning how you will, but there are constant card-playing references throughout!

3. Winner Takes It All, by ABBA

The title says it all. This song is about the fact that there’s only one winner in a gamble – but that there’s always another game on the horizon.

2. The Gambler, by Kenny Rogers

This song coined a phrase that’s now used popularly in gambling, with “You gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em,” and that alone makes it one of the best gambling songs of all time.

1. Blackjack, by Ray Charles

In some ways this is a song about the futility of gambling, but for such a simple song it strongly captures the realities of addiction and loss.


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