Posted November 13, 2013 by Mike Mineo in Tracks

Noisychicken – “Trip”

Noisychicken music

“Trip” is an interesting electronic experiment I stumbled across on Soundcloud, partly due to the stoned Mario cover art, which nicely fits the fluctuating looseness of this track. Playful keyboard melodies provide a skippity melody at first, like a sped-up Super Mario World level, and they’re quickly accentuated by bass-heavy percussion. A wintry piano melody floats underneath, similar to the synth-pop techniques of Susumu Yokota. The track shifts from playful video game dynamics to a more club-ready dubstep hybrid when the beat drops at 01:44, though not abandoning its chiptune entrenchments entirely. The remainder of the track is a fun mirror of this. “Trip” may not be the most inventive “experiment” in electronic pop music, but it sure is interesting. Check out Noisychicken’s other creations on Soundcloud.

Mike Mineo

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