Timber Timbre – “Hot Dreams”

Timber Timbre - Hot Dreams

Slow-dancing and sexed-up saxophones aren’t exactly typical of mellow folk-rockers Timber Timbre, but on new track “Hot Dreams” they seem comfortable with the stylistic direction. “Hot Dreams” plays more effectively and assuredly with each passing moment. Starting with a silly line – “I wanna dance with a black woman” – the track expands considerably in richness and graveness from there. Forlorn regret and pleas for second chances seem to be a constant themes, especially as┬áTaylor Kirk’s deeply quivering vocals express sentiments like “I want to be a champion in your eyes.” His vocal delivery on this track is reminiscent of former Pulp guitarist Richard Hawley‘s solo work, specifically on slow jams like “The Ocean” and “Hotel Room“. The whole track has Hawley vibes, actually.

Oh yeah, the final two minutes of “Hot Dreams” is a smoothed-out jam that is easily Timber Timbre’s most lovemaking-appropriate song to date. “Hot Dreams” is off Timber Timbre’s upcoming album of the same name, out in the UK on March 31st via Full Time Hobby. If you haven’t checked out the band before now, recommended earlier tracks include “Demon Host” and “Creep On Creepin’ On“.

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