Video: Spazzkid – “40 Winks”

Spazzkid is a mysterious electronica project from Mark Redito, who makes poppy yet chill electronic music. It all has a very Japanese feel to it, and borrows some typography and visual styles from the culture as well. Simply put, this video for single “40 Winks” is gorgeous, and kind of acts as a spiritual sequel to the movie Lost in Translation. You’ll almost feel as if you’re walking through Japan. On the more infectious side, “Weird Girl” (below) is also a good one. Gargling synths, active percussion, and playful twinkling keys combine for a sound that would be at home in a fast-paced Sonic the Hedgehog level. Boss level music! Gotta love it.

Check out Spazzkid’s lushly design web site here, which also links to a pay-what-you-want Bandcamp, where you can find the rest Spazzkid’s scenic material.

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