Michael Rault – “Lost Something”


“Lost Something” is a bouncy psych-rock gem from Michael Rault, who previously wowed with the excellent “Too Bad So Sad“. The Canadian singer-songwriter’s track is an upcoming peek at his band’s new EP, Living Daylight, out on June 24th. So far, so good. The playful bass and bouncy guitar swipes craft amiable vibes over a mellow psych-organ in the back. Some sitar-y effects during the bridge stand out particularly well, appearing as a prominent force in the second set of verses as Rault emits his melodic croon. The track’s final minute is particularly great, with the sitar-y effect overlapping with a trippy guitar solo that incorporates well into the rhythm guitar’s concise crunch. Just as well, the accompanying music video captures the playful psychedelic spirit of “Lost Something” very well, with Rault’s head-bobbing set against a vibrant array of colors.


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