TV Girl – “Louise”

TV Girl - French Exit

TV Girl have impressed several times already with their sample-laden pop, its approach ranging from the nostalgic bite of 2011 release Benny and the Jetts to the infectious key-forward pop of 2013’s Lonely Women EP. The group’s new album, French Exit, is their best release yet — warm and lush with a tropical bite, its vibe reminding of classic tropical achievers like The Avalanches’ Since I Left You (example) and Jens Lekman’s I Know What Love Isn’t (example). Several tracks on French Exit are very capable of transporting listeners to an effervescent fantasy land, full of sweeping orchestral-laden hooks and optimistic exuberance.

The entire album is very solid, so do yourself a favor and listen to French Exit in its entirety below. But if you only have time for a track or two, the one-two punch of “Birds Don’t Sing” and “Louise” is hard to beat. Tranquil yet melodic vocals lead over squiggly synths and full-band flourishes, such as the old-timey brass and rolling acoustics. One of the hooks, where the “that’s just how they say goodbye” line leads into a series of chirpy vocal samples, sounds precisely as if Jens Lekman and Avalanches collaborated. The end result is utterly fantastic, as is “Louise”, a twinkling beaut where keys and fluttering woodwinds combine for ethereal goodness.

TV Girl’s French Exit is one of the best pop albums I’ve heard so far this year. Stream it below:

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  1. You’re right, this is an addictive pop album, there’s something very modern yet old-school about the sound. Thanks for sharing it! I love your blog, and your new musical discoveries!

  2. I agree. I’m looking forward to hearing what the rest of the year has to offer.

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