Latimer House – “Birdcage Walk” + “Until Then”


Prague-based rockers Latimer House impressed back in February with “Shake!“, a Pixies-esque track with plenty of guitar hooks and wordless vocal musings (beyond a consistent exclamations of “shake!”). The track was just one highlight off their new album All the Rage, which I checked in with again recently and found the equally engaging one-two punch of “Birdcage Walk” and the noisier “Until Then”. “Birdcage Walk” is certainly more in the English pop spectrum. A breezy assortments of light guitar riffs exist throughout a series of understated travels into beautiful keyboard and acoustic additions. The overall vibe reminds me of Blur’s “Clover Over Dover“, but without the darker undertones — ethereal Brit-pop with a charming sophistication.

On the other side, “Until Then” is more aggressive, but not without its moments of spacious beauty. It sounds a lot like solo-era Paul Weller, actually, with a vocal delivery reminiscent of The Go-Betweens. The gorgeous interlude – where the vocals emit “One day the rain will fall, until then we’ll have to stay, unless love finds love and we fade away,” over twangy guitars and gentle distortion – is a fine lead-in to the quick brass-accompanied section that follows. “Birdcage Walk” and “Until Then” are both starkly different efforts stylistically, but achieve success in similarly striking form.

“This Is Pop” is another recent favorite from the album:

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