Devin Farney – “War Child”

Devin Farney

From the moment Devin Farney’s new track “War Child” starts, with its lush keyboard arrangements and far-out vocals, I’m reminded of nostalgic psych-pop goodness. It’s engrossing from the start, and gets even better with an expansive chorus that opens up the stylistic palate to spacey electronica. This nostalgic form of rock crossed with spacey electronica reminds me quite a bit of Bryan Scary, who has a similar grasp of spaced-out pop hooks. The slick synth arpeggios in each chorus adds a nice hook-y punch, providing a nice contrast to the serene organs and synth pad. The vocal adjustment from verse to chorus is accomplished nicely, as well.

Even beyond this track, Farney has a large and impressive catalog to boast about. His web site offers clips to fun rock and pop-based tracks like “War Child”, in addition to beautiful piano, orchestral, and chamber works. It’s no wonder he also doubles as a music instructor (read more about that in this interview). As for the excellent “War Child”, it’s off his recent Lost In The Cloud EP, which can be streamed here and purchased here. Devin has certainly been one of my favorite finds so far on Fluence.

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  1. This is a beautiful track. It’s got a very nostalgic vibe to it and I love the retro flavour. Very reminiscent of George Harrison.

    I have now bought it – it is definitely the type of track which I find inspiring 🙂

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