Boehm – “Surviving the Times” (Nas vs. Fugees remix)

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Romanian producer Boehm wowed last month with his remix of 2Pac’s “Dear Mama“, a tropical-tinged take on the hip-hop classic that featured ethereal instrumental additions reminiscent of atmospherically inclined Balearic beat artists like Air France. The melodic talents of Alex Craciunc, AKA Boehm, was evident very early into that track, as is the case with his newest remix “Surviving the Times”, which also sounds like it takes place within a bustling beach party, calming ocean waves and vibrant strobe lights abound. Trickling synths, a swanky harmonica, lush xylophones, and a variety of lyrical dance-signalers comprise the track’s first one-third, before lines from Nas’ “Surviving the Times” appear over melodic synths and a thick beat. Boehm’s remix lovably alternates between beach-side vibes with party vocals and the hard-hitting, moving content of Nas’ autobiographical growing-up tale “Surviving the Times”. It’s another success from this very talented producer.

Also recommended: Boehm’s sax-heavy gorgeous remix of Mr. Probz’ “Nothing Really Matters”:

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