Corsica Arts Club – “Untamed”

corsica arts club

Corsica Arts Club’s previously featured track “California I Follow” was perfect for summer’s beginning, presenting a sound that incorporated hook-laden rock with surf-pop harmonizing. For their newest effort, Corsica Arts Club have crafted something quite different, and – in my opinion – their best release yet. “Untamed” is more nocturnal in its deep assortment of synth-pop, post-punk dance, and rock, serving as the night to “California I Follow”‘s daytime exuberance. With an anthemic, chirpy synth lead reminiscent of M83 and a static-y undertone that reminds of work from Crystal Castles, Corsica Arts Club utilize these electronic sounds to lead into a soaring chorus worthy of many replays. A duo comprised of Brendan Thompson and Arash Parsee upon the release of “California I Follow”, Corsica Arts Club recently added new members (Nate Chovanec, Peter McArthur, and Jason Mittleman) and seem to be expanding their already-impressive sound as well. I can’t wait to hear what these guys have in store next.


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