Posted December 17, 2014 by Mike Mineo in Tracks

Claus Zinger – “To Be So Sad”

The music of Jerusalem-based singer/songwriter Claus Zinger features a uniquely creaking vocal delivery and versatile stylistic arsenal, as shown on the well-received feature of his track “I Went Down the Road Today” a few months ago. Whereas that track features a haunting atmosphere and creaky build-up, with an invigorating chorus reminiscent of Neil Young’s experimental works, several of Zinger’s tracks are more to-the-point and immediately accessible. “To Be So Sad” is a track in that ilk,¬†with vocals immediately appearing over sporadic organs and subsequent keyboard trickles and percussive flairs. As the loose and jazzy percussion accompanies Zinger’s idiosyncratic vocals and jam-friendly keyboard bursts, more and more personality is revealed. The striking video, a visually thought-provoking journey of many landscapes and hectic states of colorful confusion, is an apt accompaniment as well. Check it out above.

Mike Mineo

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