Posted March 18, 2015 by Mike Mineo in Tracks

Bleach Athletixx – “California Future”

bleach athletixx

Bleach Athletixx is the new project from Max Holiday, who gave us some wonderfully infectious tracks in 2012 (“Pretender“, “Teenager“) reminiscent of Wolf Parade’s key-led fervor. Bleach Athletixx’s fantastic new track, “California Future”, shows continued growth — yet also some familiarity in its energetic synth-driven intro. Gradual additions thereafter, from guitar distortion to an exotic-sounding synth addition, continue the irresistible build-up. The moment before each chorus, with Holiday’s emotive vocals overlapping with a stuttering keyboard, provides for a devastating hook that leads swiftly into the delicious chorus. It’s brief at barely over two minutes, but “California Future” is one hell of an exciting track nonetheless.

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