Posted August 19, 2015 by Mike Mineo in Electronic

SQRD – “Beast”

sqrd music

SQRD is an electronic duo based in Berlin and Stockholm. Influenced by the likes of Caribou and Weval, SQRD’s new single “Beast” shows an impressive atmospheric construction with a knack for both melody and hypnotic build-ups.

The beginnings of “Beast” show a developing atmosphere. An ominous synth choir combines with a booming bass drum and developmental percussion early on to establish a feeling of dark unease. Just before the one minute mark, the slightly subtle addition of effervescent keys and an arpeggiated synth backing shows the first suggestion of growth, culminating in the melodic masterwork around two minutes, when a series of fluttering keys enter the fold. Swirling around the original melody, the combination of arpeggiated hypnotics and low-pitched vocal samples in the final minute provides a fitting finale to this stylishly successful track.

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