Posted January 26, 2016 by Mike Mineo in Video

Angela Burns – “It’s Sad”

Angela Burns’ “Napoleon” caught my attention a few weeks ago, producing a darkly intoxicating take on female-fronted grunge and alternative-rock that would have soared high with acts like L7, Babes in Toyland, and Angelfish in their heydays. Featuring atmospheric guitar-led creaking and an illuminated post-punk allure, the track led me to immediately anticipate the rest of the LA-based singer/songwriter’s material, which captures a certain moodiness and atmosphere beyond the reach of many.

Her newest effort, “It’s Sad”, continues the dark sound of the previous track, with an ominous bass line, horror-film piano, and somber strings gliding over Burns’ focused vocals. It’s certainly a somber and more ballad-style effort, but shows Burns as a songwriter capable of more stylistically than the rockin’ grittiness of “Napoleon”, which I prefer in an infectious sense, but there’s no denying the somberness and pleading of “It’s Sad”. The final two minutes in particular merge some elements of post-rock and grunge that elevates it from a ballad to a full-bodied, breathing life-form of desperate contemplation.

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