James Blake – “Modern Soul”

james blake radio silence albu

While DJ-ing on BBC Radio 1’s Residency program last Thursday night, James Blake unveiled a new track entitled, “Modern Soul”. A new album, Radio Silence was announced in December 2014, but it has yet to be given a firm release date. We do know Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and Kanye West will make appearances, though. Blake released his last full-length effort, Overgrown, in 2013 (our 12th favorite album from that year).

“Modern Soul” evolves from warbly piano-laden minimalism introductions to a more fierce, percussive-minded second half, where Blake’s vocals soar with spine-chilling emotion. The structure and melody are inherently minimalist, but it allows Blake’s vocals and atmospheric development to shine. It’s a solid effort that should hold over fans until the album is finally released this year.

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