Strange Familia – “Cheap Perfume” (ft. Pleasant Pictures)


cheap perfume music

Over the past couple years there’s been a growing fascination with indietronica and – more specifically – soultronica, which features  R&B-inspired vocals over polished synthesized beats. Some of the more notable artists in this sub-genre lately have been Chet Faker, Jack Garrat, and (most prominently in the mainstream) Sam Smith. Salt Lake City duo Strange Familia join these ranks,with an astute atmospheric ability that treads in both conventional pop and spacey electronic ambition. With “Cheap Perfume”, instead of solely basing the song’s foundation around a primary electronic center, Garret Williams and Brecken Jones add guitar tones that warm the chilly synth stabs that seep in. Williams’ distant falsetto adds an extra layer of iciness that completes the darker atmosphere for this pop gem. Nice work.

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