The Sun Band – “Never Seen”

the sun band

During a frigid New England winter, listening to bright music soothes and warms the soul. On first listen – with their serene guitar twangs and wavy acoustics – you might think that The Sun Band hail from somewhere in California, but the duo are actually from New Haven, Connecticut. Their latest album, Way Out/Some Doubts, is filled with shimmering tunes; “Never Seen” is merely one of these gems.

The group take their name to heart and “Never Seen” is, well, sun-soaked. “Love is all I need,” sings Michael Norton (who collaborated on the lyrics with the track’s songwriter, Mike Cotter), echoing a similar sentiment from another melodically inclined band who once sang about the sun too. The message is hopeful, but this group already sounds like they’re at peace with everything around them. “Never Seen” is a fantastic piece of psychedelic guitar-pop reminiscent of Real Estate and Smith Westerns, from a group with an immensely promising future.

Stream the entirety of their excellent new full-length, Way Out/Some Doubts, below. From the soaring surf-pop of opener “There Was a Time” to the jubilant acoustical power-pop of twangy closer “Walter”, it’s already one of the year’s most shimmering releases:

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  1. I am really apprehensive about deviating from my ever-so habitual soundtrack, but after listening to this band I am quite impressed. This music is ever so pleasant with peaceful harmonies and imaginative composition

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