Posted April 25, 2016 by Andy Belt in Electronic

Blank Waves – “Changing Suns”

blank waves

If LSD had a sound, it would probably be something like “Changing Sun”, the new track from psychedelic electronica trio Blank Waves. The Phoenix band’s bizarre soundscapes are similar to those of Ariel Pink at his weirdest. And much like Pink, these guys keep it weird all the time. But “Changing Sun” is every bit worth the challenge.

Dense layers of synth are piled on top of each other, creating a heaviness that fills up the background and buzzes for the whole song. Multi-tracked vocals have the lead singer harmonizing with himself, adding a clear melody to the din behind him. “Changing Sun” is both relaxing and unsettling, hypnotizing us with its psychedelic mystery. The band’s aim to have listeners “listen and get sucked into the acid drenched atmosphere” should be quite easy to accomplish.

Stream their new album’s other five tracks below, in addition to a look at their very colorful live performance:

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