Posted April 25, 2016 by Andy Belt in Electronic

Fellow Creatures – “Wouldn’t You Like to Know”

Behind all the electronica flourishes, it’s clear that Washington D.C.’s Fellow Creatures are a rock band that still know their way around a pop hook. “Wouldn’t You Like to Know”, from the band’s first album (released early this year), combines hypnotic heavy-riffing guitar and skittering drums with wavy electronics, contributing to an atmosphere that has the eclecticism of Talking Heads and the underlying paranoia of Radiohead — certainly some great points of comparison.

The deft vocal harmonizing of the band’s two frontmen, Sam McCormally and Will McKindley-Ward, is what really drives this track home. Originally part of a discontinued band called Ugly Purple Sweater, the pair sound like they’ve found a fresh new start.

Andy Belt