Kylypso – “Mean 2 you”



Like most good R&B, “Mean 2 you” by atmospheric duo Kylypso, feels effortless. The East London duo glide on shiny synths and airy vocals throughout the track, reminding relatively of Junior Boys’ deeper R&B infatuations on their latest, Big Black Coat. It’s a vein of laid-back electronica that comes to life with the gradual increase in tempo and synth arsenal additions, with the subdued vibes before that being equally engaging. Kylypso is less introspective with their electronica and it sounds ready to soundtrack a late night set at a music festival or neon-tinged nightclub.

The crisp harmonies are the centerpiece, but the moody beats behind it are a huge draw too. The song shifts from downbeat to dancefloor jam seamlessly. But you’ll probably be moving along to it the entire time regardless. The section from around the three-minute mark to the four-minute mark is especially impressive, a swirling build-up led by synth arpeggios and concluding with a delicate piano. Kylypso really impresses with “Mean 2 you”.

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