Posted April 18, 2016 by Andy Belt in Electronic

LABS – “Brave”

labs music

It’s fitting that a group called LABS began as an experiment. According to the band, what began as a collaboration between Lindsay Bryan (vocals) and Adam Sutherland (keys and guitar) to create stock samples for electronic producers turned into a full-fledged project. Since then, the band has fully fleshed out the rest of its ranks for live performances, with the Victoria, British Columbia-based act showing a propensity for intoxicating soundscapes in their songcraft as well.

“Brave” is the second single from the band and it cuts deep. When Bryan sings she has a world-weariness in her voice that brings a unique personality to the stimulating electro beats behind her. “Brave”‘s soaring synths and slow-build to the end uplift despite the introspective lyrics. Hard to believe this is a song about a breaking up. With a lush dream-pop gaze reminiscent of Beach House and an introspective creativity with a slight likeness to Fiery Furnaces’ more accessible efforts, “Brave” evolves from lush minimalist beginnings to an expanding, arp-accompanied conclusion that’s fully satisfying.

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