Younger Me – “We Will Never Wash Away”


younger me

Younger Me’s sleek indie-pop is self-assured and whimsical. Their glowing new track “We Will Never Wash Away” kicks off with a looping Fender Rhodes piano that resembles xylophones and a lush organ, lending a naivety to the music. At its core, the song is a love ballad about a relationship not getting swept away. Hazy guitars sound like a California sunset, despite the group’s Pennsylvania origins, and it’s easy to get lost in the twinkling synths behind them, especially as various vocal harmonies overlap gorgeously over the steady Rhodes backing. “We Will Never Wash Away” is vaguely electronic, but there’s a strong human component at work too. And that’s one element that keeps us coming back for more, in addition to the track’s all-out melodic charm and construction of various hooks.

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