YOURS – “Forever, Never”


yours forever never

“Forever, Never” by YOURS, the San Francisco-based duo of Milton Nieves and Kazmo Vilmar, comes at you in waves. First, there’s the subdued synths and then the ambling hip-hop drum loop behind them, sounding like an Aqueduct track (and enjoyably so). Then, longing vocals expand the song even wider, raising the stakes into anthemic pop territory. After the horns come in for the chorus, the rest of the song will keep you guessing at every turn, and enjoyably so – as the songwriting maneuvers always result in either a melodic hook and/or successful atmospheric concoction.

On “Forever, Never” there are touches of twangy Americana in the guitars, which make the refrain cruise like a ’70s easy-rocker. And this is a pop group we’re talking about — so there’s no shortage of melodic hooks either. “Forever, Never” is a track that begs you to hit replay once it’s done, in all of its jubilant avant-pop glory. From the duo themselves, they certainly achieve their goal: “We want our music to be infectious, fun, nostalgic, and most of all inspiring. We want our audience to feel connected, just as much as we yearn to feel that connection with our audience. Connecting crowds that may not be associated with one another is a big goal of ours. We want our band to be known for putting a fresh spin on pop music as we know it and blowing the doors open for new and interesting interpretations to flood through..

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