Posted May 12, 2016 by Andy Belt in Tracks

Brand New Moon – “Icaro”


“Icaro”, from London trio Brand New Moon, pursues an invitingly exotic route from the get-go, with the sound of bird chirping leading into lush bossa nova-like rhythms and Steely Dan-inspired guitar stylings. The lush production makes the track sound like it was recorded in a dense jungle somewhere in the Amazon (not to mention, “Icaro” is a word that originates from indigenous tribes in South America). Hand percussion, shakers, and bird whistles complete the mood to make the song brim with life, with smart male-female overlapping vocal harmonies that bring to mind the sophisti-pop of Prefab Sprout and Squeeze. “Icaro” might be based on a concept unfamiliar to the general Western audience, but the joy and trickling infectiousness Brand New Moon evokes in the song is never lost in translation.

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