Camp Candle – “Surface”


camp candle

“Surface” is a stunning cut from Camp Candle’s new mixtape, ERE. With “ere” meaning “before (in time)”, it serves as a precursor to their upcoming EP. The duo is comprised of Philly-based Hetepsa and Nu Ra, who met at W.B. Saul high School of Agricultural Sciences, a school with a farm that provided the duo “therapeutic outlet away from the decadence that plagues the city streets.” Nu Ra handles half of the production and commands the instrumentation, while Hetepsa’s vivid lyrics and enticing lead vocals provide a gripping forefront. “Surface” utilizes a form of sampling – vintage orchestral allure with hip-hop rhythmic sophistication – that reminds me of the recently brilliant Avalanches’ Wildflower. Faultless production and vocals lead this fantastic effort from a duo that’s quick on the rise.

It’s highly recommended to stream the rest of ERE below:

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