Blue Plutos – “New King In Town”


NYC-Boston-based group Blue Plutos have impressed before with tracks like the jangly atmospheric “Shadow Chateau” and punchy pop effort “Want to Want“, though new track “New King In Town” is the most rock-geared effort I’ve heard from the act — and damn, it’s really great. Crunchy distortion leads the verses, transitioning¬†into a bridge and chorus that shines with an infectious power-pop effervescence. The central hook reminds of The New Pornographers’ more rockin’ tracks, which in a hook-centered basis is a very complementary comparison. Precisely, “New King In Town” is a hugely hook-y and anthemic gem from Blue Plutos’ upcoming album Moon Language, out October 19th. From the fun verse/bridge/chorus progression to the excellently roaring guitar solo just past the three-minute mark, this track is full of goodness.

Mike Mineo

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