Stoop Kids – “Curious Man”


Stoop Kids’ “Good Enough” was one of the catchiest tracks I’ve heard all year, a timeless-sounding pop tune featuring vintage surf-pop harmonies and lovable guitar twangs. Digging more into the New Orleans-based group, I heard one of the more eclectic groups in the current indie-pop scene, a project fully committed to exploring the past 75 years of popular music. Their newest gem in this pursuit is the single “Curious Man”, just released today. Another recipe in their melting pot of genres, “Curious Man” is led by brass-y infectiousness and wonderfully backing charismatic vocals, which range from complementary “ooh-la-la-la”s to the catchy “everybody, everybody” repetition over the suave lead vocals. It projects a ton of charisma and charm at under three minutes, something that listeners of Stoop Kids have become accustomed to by now.

Hot off gems like “Good Enough”, “Motions“, and now “Curious Man”, Stoop Kids’ upward trajectory is hard to ignore.

Mike Mineo

I'm the founder/editor of Obscure Sound, which was formed in 2006. Previously, I wrote for PopMatters and Stylus Magazine.

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