Premiere: Johan Agebjörn & Mikael Ögren – “The Rajakarjala Forests”


Obscure Sound is pleased to premiere a new track from the collaboration between friends/neighbors Mikael Ögren and Johan Agebjörn, previously featured here for his solo works as well as his dazzling work with Sally Shapiro. It comes off their upcoming album We Never Came to the White Sea, a 10-track release out February 10th via Spotted Peccary Music. “The album is a soundtrack to an unreleased (and unedited) road movie filmed in Russian Karelia, where my grandfather was born (in a part that used to belong to Finland),” Johan explains. “It’s a beautiful county, sparsely populated with an old culture, that’s inspiring for making music. All the track titles reflect the story, so it’s the first complete concept album that I’ve been involved in.”

Classical strings emerge from the trickling synth woodwork, adding an exotic feeling to an already-mystical-sounding track. A pulsating, hypnotic drum is sporadic throughout, eventually fading in the end as the subduing warbled synths concoct a soundscape reminiscent of the wintry serenity the track’s video conveys. “The Rajakarjala Forests” is an excellent track from an album with heaps of atmospheric pleasures.

Mike Mineo

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