GRAEF – “Boneclocks”


“Boneclocks” is a haunting alt-rock effort from Dutch group GREAF, touting a creeping, nocturnal electronic soundscape balanced beautifully by an infectiously bouncy bass line and emergent vocals. “All the money in the world couldn’t keep me from my girl,” the lead vocals croon nonchalantly before the chorus hits, where the rhythmic buzzing becomes more prominent with an uptick in vocal intensity. The dark electronics take over more so here, compared to the alternative-driven approach during the verses, which resemble Belgian group dEUS in tone. This project shows a captivating tendency to incorporate dark rock with equally dark electronics, an accomplishment from the group comprised of drummer and producer Wouter Budé, singer/songwriter Chris Verheijen, and multi-instrumentalist Ruud Peeters.

Mike Mineo

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  1. Interesting song title… Have you read the David Mitchell book by the same name?

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