Evil Astronaut – “Seasons”


Evil Astronaut’s “Seasons” is an extremely hook-y, spacious gem from the Swedish duo, who impressed in January with the track “Orbit Berlin“. While that track exuded a serene, folk-laden sound with hints of  earlier Bon Iver and even Sigur Rós (a bit in the vocal spectrum), “Seasons” is more of a foray into the electronic side. A soaring synth arpeggio comprises the primary melody, with chirpy vocals and the occasional wash of a synth-y twang serving as most of the variation. The An instrumental interlude at 01:19, complete with the distant sound of sirens, is a clever use of structure to bring even more of a resounding impact to the verse reprisals. It’s a hypnotic, colorful, and melodically addictive effort that’s my favorite yet from the talented Evil Astronaut.

Mike Mineo

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