Datta Boy – “A Wave of My Own” (feat. Ronny Bueller)


Datta Boy has been rapping since he was 11, later putting his rap aspirations on hold to pursue a football career. He played as a fullback for the University of Nevada-Reno, graduating and playing pro for one year. Now, he returns to his passion for hip-hop, with new track “A Wave of My Own” showcasing a playful verse delivery and supremely melodic hook, with the pleasant shimmering beat featuring an acoustical jangle and beach-friendly vibes, reminding a bit of that beach level in Mario Kart 64. Not a bad place to get lost.

UPDATE – 10/24: The track’s music video can be seen below:

Mike Mineo

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  1. Great vibe.. finally something different! Props 2 Dattaboy & Ronny Bueller!

    The production is amazing. I feel like I’m in a futuristic trance. The synths are funky and datta boy and ronny Bueller has a chemistry that flows like water. Great song!

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