Jay Hunna – “Good Ol’ Music”


An ode to hip-hop breathing life into the artistic inspirations of youth, “Good Ol’ Music” is a captivating, smooth-flowing new track from Jay Hunna, the project of Chicago-based Jesse Blend. He references “good ol’ music”, ranging from Jay-Z’s Blueprint while walking home from school, or growing up at an early age on Biggie and Tupac. The beat, hypnotic and alluring, presents a simple and concise hook, though one that retains the psych-friendly drive of the track well. “Good music translates in all languages. It creates a feeling of happiness and joy in most people, so I just want to reach every language and give them that experience,” Jay explains, his aim being accomplished.

This is the first single from his upcoming Better Days album, out 9/8.

Mike Mineo

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  1. Jayhunna the sound of a great hip hop artist bringing back the vibes an flavor of every day life that alot of us old school can set back and relate to the talent artist and the reality of life of Good ol music.He stands out as a incredible unique hip hop artist with a new twist of rap culture that will definitely stand out from any other rap music.I give it a thumbs up!!!!

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