Posted September 6, 2017 by Mike Mineo in Hip-Hop

Jay Hunna – “Good Ol’ Music”

An ode to hip-hop breathing life into the artistic inspirations of youth, “Good Ol’ Music” is a captivating, smooth-flowing new track from Jay Hunna, the project of Chicago-based Jesse Blend. He references “good ol’ music”, ranging from Jay-Z’s Blueprint while walking home from school, or growing up at an early age on Biggie and Tupac. The beat, hypnotic and alluring, presents a simple and concise hook, though one that retains the psych-friendly drive of the track well. “Good music translates in all languages. It creates a feeling of happiness and joy in most people, so I just want to reach every language and give them that experience,” Jay explains, his aim being accomplished.

This is the first single from his upcoming Better Days album, out 9/8.

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