Memoryy – “Turning The Page” (Grand Atrium remix)


Memoryy, the electronic pop project of Shaun Hettinger (creator of the Netflix Chelsea Handler theme song, as well as many memorable tracks featured in the past), let talented producers/songwriters Body Language, REIGHNBEAU, and Grand Atrium have at it for his new album Skeletons — the three remixes resulting in a three-track remix release, streaming below. All three remixes are great, though of particular note is Grand Atrium’s turn on “Turning The Page”, which he turns into a neon-lit, dancefloor-friendly jam with a nu-disco vibe. It takes a lot for a remix to grab my attention, though this one is particularly excellent for maintaining the track’s original spirit, while transporting it to a relatively different stylistic vein in successful form.

Note: Memoryy is or was represented at some point by Obscure PR, which is affiliated with Obscure Sound.

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