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Memoryy – “I Love You Maybe”

July 15, 2021
A newly released delight from Memoryy, “I Love You Maybe” exudes anthemic ’80s pop appeal. Shaun Hettinger again impresses with stellar production from this project, following up prior successes like “First Love,” “No Time Like Now,” and “Not Over You.”...

Sheila Eden – “Someone New” (feat. Gee Reach) [Memoryy Remix]

September 11, 2020
Sheila Eden‘s pop track “Someone New” consumes with melody and mood, showcased especially well in Memoryy’s newly released remix. Riding on glistening keys and entrancing vocals to start, “Someone New” maintains a murky, yearning vibe throughout. Gee Reach’s delive...

Kevin Herig – “Barcelona” (Memoryy Remix)

June 10, 2020
“Barcelona” is the latest from singer/songwriter Kevin Herig. The original (below) presents a chilled-out blend of guitars and vocals, with tinges of blues and caressing pop. Memoryy’s remix adds a healthy portion of synths, adding further atmospheric depth. Quality moments are abound, fr...

Memoryy – “First Love” (feat. Troy Ramey)

May 22, 2020
“First Love” is an enjoyably atmospheric pop collaboration from Memoryy and Troy Ramey. Memoryy’s production guides the spotlight toward Ramey’s consuming vocal presence, with jumpy acoustics and snap-laden percussion comprising minimalist verses to start. The track’s second h...

Memoryy – “No Time Like Now”

July 5, 2019
Memoryy, the project of Albuquerque-by-way-of-Brooklyn artist Shaun Hettinger, continues to dazzle with an anthemic synth-pop sound on new track “No Time Like Now.” Fit for the summer season, with its vibrant vocals and effervescent synths, the track touts an upbeat feel and infectious chorus. ...

Video: Memoryy – “Not Over You”

September 25, 2018
Yesterday, Memoryy just released the excellent music video for the track “Not Over You”, the final single off his latest album Skeletons. It’s a shining moment on a release full of them, with this in particular showcasing Memoryy’s ability to channel both gleefully infectious chorus...

Memoryy – “Turning The Page” (Grand Atrium remix)

September 15, 2017
Memoryy, the electronic pop project of Shaun Hettinger (creator of the Netflix Chelsea Handler theme song, as well as many memorable tracks featured in the past), let talented producers/songwriters Body Language, REIGHNBEAU, and Grand Atrium have at it for his new album Skeletons — the three remixes ...

Memoryy – “Not Over You”

April 28, 2017
“Not Over You” is the final single off Memoryy’s excellent new album, Skeletons. It’s a shining moment on a release full of them, with this in particular showcasing Memoryy’s ability to channel both gleefully infectious choruses and restrained, atmospheric verses. The multi-la...

Memoryy – “Damn Fine Predicament”

April 7, 2017
Memoryy’s new, nocturnal electro-pop track “Damn Fine Predicament” is a riveting peek at his forthcoming LP, SKELETONS, out 4/14. Just released today, the track rides on a growing chorus that features a dual-attack vocal harmony, which increases in effervescence alongside prickly backing ...

Memoryy – “Running”

March 21, 2017
“Turn It Up” provided our first look at Memoryy’s upcoming album Skeletons a few weeks back, and now we’re being treated to another preview with the track “Running”. This one is similarly fun and danceable,¬†with a highly addictive hook touting an ’80s synth-pop spi...