Premiere: Patrick Joseph – “Waiting to Begin”


“Waiting to Begin” is an extremely catchy new track from Pittsburgh native and Los Angeles resident Patrick Joseph, released today. He has been featured in the past with efforts like “Sorry” and “Setting Sun”, though “Waiting to Begin” shows his pop chops and knack for hook-y songwriting better than ever. From the rock-forward heights of “Setting Sun” to the pop-forward effervescence of “Waiting to Begin”, Joseph has shown eclectic variety and charm, with the hook-y direction on this new track being led by bouncy keys and a fervent central chorus. It’s a fine piece of glowing songwriting, a great start for the weekend.

“”Waiting to Begin” is a song inspired by the constant struggle of becoming too busy or driven to live or enjoy life; whether you’re an artist or working the nine-to-five, you’ve got to put things on pause once in awhile and appreciate why we’re in this mess and how we can make the most of it,” Patrick explains. “That’s the feeling I wanted to convey, from my own perspective as an artist to everybody out there feeling the same fatigue chasing down lofty goals or obligations when we should really be living in the moment and doing what we love, day after day.”

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