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Premiere: Patrick Joseph – “Waiting to Begin”

September 1, 2017
“Waiting to Begin” is an extremely catchy new track from Pittsburgh native and Los Angeles resident Patrick Joseph, released today. He has been featured in the past with efforts like “Sorry” and “Setting Sun”, though “Waiting to Begin” shows his pop chops and...

Patrick Joseph – “Sorry”

December 6, 2016
With a touching glistening piano and touches of strings, “Sorry” is a striking effort from Patrick Joseph, who showed his more rock-leaning side on “Setting Sun” last year. The angelic female backing vocals coincide with a percussive lift just before the two-minute mark, his vocals ...

Patrick Joseph – “Setting Sun”

April 22, 2015
With its creaky acoustics, solemn piano, and sliding twangs, Patrick Joseph casts a wonderfully mysterious melancholic feel throughout the captivating “Setting Sun”. It’s easy to fawn over the trickle of piano just past the one-minute mark combined with the caressing backing vocal touch (...