Mitchell Adam Johnson – “At Another Stop”


Minneapolis-based singer/songwriter Mitchell Adam Johnson crafts a gorgeous vein of chamber-pop with melodically captivating tendencies, his lush and entrancing vocals leading a suavely hook-minded melody on new track “At Another Stop”. Produced by Andy Thompson (Jeremy Messersmith, Dessa, Belle & Sebastian), the track has a sort of timeless feel, with a reverence for vintage power-pop (like the beloved act in the press photo above) though with a contemporaneous charm, somewhat akin to if Ariel Pink’s more recent forays were a bit more embracing of dynamic strings and layered vocal harmonies. Matthew Sweet and Jellyfish are also likable comparisons throughout the album.

“At Another Stop” is a fantastic effort, and one of many highlights throughout Johnson’s new album Marigold, ranging from the Elliott Smith-like “As We Lie” to the swirling psych-pop candy of “Keeping Secrets”:

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  1. Amazing music! Clean, clear and such a vintage sound with an amazing twist. That Ovation is just beautiful!

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